Bratana Revisited

The Pathseekers visit the Kingdom of the Sun.

Taursday, 20 Greysky, 6935 EY: The Sand Circle Tribunal. Archdruid Throg, along with Lyra Sprig and Asante of Clan Kima, assembled to serve as the tribunal who would judge Daphissa Beestinger for her actions. After hearing testimony from the sand circle archdruid and an impassioned speech by Haseya, Throg made his judgment clear: a trial by combat to determine who was fit by "natural selection." Throg then fought Daphissa in a combat that lasted approximately six seconds, wherein Daphissa was killed by a single flame strike and rhino charge. Throg then appointed Sebba Kurtbach as the new archdruid, but she declined the honor, explaining she had sworn an oath to watch the grove at Shizuma Castle. The collected druids then voted on a new archdruid and decided on Sift il-Abreen, who said she was committed to maintaining the old sand circle traditions, but taking it in a less zealous direction than her predeccesor had.

Oathday, 21 Greysky, 6935 EY: After traveling to and staying the night at the Pahlavi farmstead, the Pathseekers had breakfast with Abbas and Osra al-Pahlavi, the old goat-herding couple with whom they had become friends. Abbas told the group of Farzad za-Qaedi, a renegade noble who has proclaimed himself the "zultan of the sun" and instigated a full-blown civil war in Bratana to rebel against Zultana Mitra sha-Najafi and her new policies giving equality to women and abolishing slavery. Abbas also knew about the efreeti visiting people on the roads, saying that the claims were that they only approached those who looked rich and powerful. With help from Arnold, and being sure to brandish what artifacts they had recovered, the group took to the road to Karna. Three hours outside the great city they were intercepted by a pair of efreeti who invited them to the Interdimensional Tournament in the City of Brass, hosted by a fire elemental noble named Lady Kaxaga the Everburning, said to be the niece of the Grand Sultana of the City of Brass. The efreeti did not give the group a means to travel to the City of Brass and this was filed under "future problems."

Lorday, 22 Greysky, 6935 EY: The group met with Zultana Mitra sha-Najafi, Zafar, Eskandar, and Narida, and discussed the current sociopolitical environment in Bratana. While there, they received a magical message from Berilar requesting their presence in the Dalorenian city of Garnet, as things had apparently become more complicated there. Although the group offered their assistance with dealing with za-Qaedi and his men, the sun elves were insistent that this was a problem they needed to handle themselves. Zafar and Eskandar stayed with the zultana, while Narida traveled with the group to Garnet. That evening, on the shores of the salty Sea of Meshidyas, the Pathseekers had a rare opportunity to unwind and went swimming, played water games, and rode on Haseya's back as she beast-shaped into a plesiosaur. 

Arday, 23 Greysky, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers continued westward, toward the nation of Dalorene. A few hours outside of the city of Khariib, Haseya received a magical message from Sir Roland stating that the Dragon Emperor Fang Peng Roc had ordered them to assist with a battle that had broken out at the Dragonsguard—that the Empire of Man had breached the great wall at last and the soldiers of Sarenul were making a stand. Frustrated and worried, the group decided to continue on to Dalorene for now, resolving to find a way to return home as soon as possible.

While in Khariib, the Pathseekers saw the handiwork of za-Qaedi's men in three women, ostensibly former slaves, who had been beaten and executed and now hung from a makeshift gallows in the center of town. It took both Misae and Haseya to calm down Narida, and the group made their way out of the city as hastily as possible.

While on the road to Za Hajar and Dalorene beyond, the Pathseekers passed by a fellow traveler. To Misae's shock, it appeared to be her dead mother, Otekah. This shock lasted only for a moment, as Misae was quick to identify the individual as Ruzazel, the demon who had been stalking the Pathseekers from afar. Taegon used his divine sense to confirm this, and Ruzazel dropped his guise, launching an attack on the Pathseekers.



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