New allies found, and new plans are formed.

Norday, 5 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The day was spent exploring Samsandi. The group converted their gold to electrum, Arnold bought hot weather clothing for the group, and Tomren and Krystof visited the Tomb of Mhal'kazet. 

Venday, 6 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group left early in the morning, having an altercation with an abusive noble on the outskirts of town who was treating his wood elven slave very poorly. This soured Haseya's mood for the remainder of the journey to Karna. The rest of the day was spent traveling to Jasserah, where the group arrived late in the evening.

Taursday, 7 Whitefall, 6934 EY: After making a quick visit to the Pario Moska, the group left Jasserah to continue their voyage south to Karna. They began to see the temples and crypts in the Valley of the Zultan to the west. Tomren begged for a detour but was shot down.

Oathday, 8 Whitefall, 6934 EY: Travel to Karna continued. During this day, the group passed by the Tomb of the Shining Zultan, and Krystof explained that it housed the remains of an "albino" sun elf who had went mad and was reviled by the sun elves.

Lorday, 9 Whitefall, 6934 EY: More travel to Karna. On this day the group encountered a human apothecary named Godwin Stafford who was relieved to see fellow outlanders. He was desperate to return home to his wife and sick sister, and the group bought enough of his merchandise to pay his way back home.

Arday, 10 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group arrived in Karna around noon on this day and were immediately taken in by its beauty and the wonders it contained. They bought a horribly translated guide to the city and a map. Their first stop was the Falcon's Perch Inn, where they discovered that Zafar had already purchased rooms for them. They then traveled to the Library of Sjet, and were disappointed to find out that it was only a single, simple tower. They were required to fill out forms that included a waiver of liability, which aroused much suspicion. Finally, they were given small discs that would light up when it was their turn to enter the library.

At this point, the group split up, except for Taegon and Haseya, who explored the city together. Each had their own little mini adventure, described below:

Tomren: Tomren visited the theater district, where he saw the Dancing Djinn, one of the twelve wonders of Karna, and was magically photographed next to it. He was present during the arrival of a foreign dignitary from Realm; an individual of great importance: a member of the Valorous Family. Finally, Tomren received another justicar mission, this time taking him back north to Jasserah.

Taegon: As Taegon traveled with Haseya, he noticed more and more elderly and wealthy sun elves mutter at him, or spit at him, or stare at him with hostility. Eventually, an old elven woman explained to Taegon that he looked like the Shining Zultan. It was revealed that the Shining Zultan was actually an outsider with glowing eyes who was obsessed with accumulating knowledge and eventually went mad. He was entombed with his followers and the knowledge he had accumulated because the sun elves believe it was the knowledge that drove him mad. Taegon learned that the Shining Zultan's name was Taerah ur-Stariiz, and that his long lost grandfather's name—Taeron Stareyes—could not be coincidence.

Arnold: Arnold did indeed have an adventure, but it will be chronicled at a later date.

Haseya: Seething over Misae sneaking off without saying anything, Haseya explored the city with Taegon. Her first encounter was with a wealthy sun elven nobleman and his spoiled son who wanted his father to purchase Ahiga. Haseya politely declined, even when the man offered 5,000 gold pieces for the fox. At this point the man became verbally hostile, shouting epithets and throwing up rude gestures. Haseya held her temper, but as the merchant walked away, another elf approached, this one clad in orange robes and with a bald head. He said he was called Razeer al-Wahl, and that he was a monk of the Hungry Flame. Razeer claimed to be able to see Haseya's inner rage, and that Haseya had wanted to kill the man. Haseya denied the claim, but Razeer insisted upon it. He told Haseya that she was a perfect candidate for his order, and suggested that she seek out the Monastery of the Hungry Flame, south of the Scorpion Wastes.

Later, Haseya and Taegon walked by an alleyway where a handful of urchins were kicking a vulture. Haseya scared the children away, and the vulture, to her surprise, spoke: "Sand Circle. Trouble. Send help." Taegon healed the bird and it flew away, but Haseya knew that going to the Sand Circle was a priority.

Misae: Misae snuck away from the rest of the group, tired of being treated as a child that needed to be monitored at all times. She visited the market district, enjoying the Verdant Square. When she encountered an ice cream vendor, she was quick to try to purchase some—but a tall, handsome sun elven man interrupted, insisting that he pay for her instead. The man introduced himself as Eskandar za-Tavana, and proved to be quite charming. He commented on Misae's beauty, and suggested they get tea sometime. Misae agreed to the date, but before further plans could be made, Eskandar was called away by a magical message from his employer—the Lord of Servitude, who oversees the slave trade in Karna.

That evening, Misae was returning to the Falcon's Perch when she was approached by a man who looked at her as a commodity. He offered 5000 electrum for her and asked who her master was. Misae was quickly getting angry and worried when a sun elven woman swooped in, smacking her across the face and shouting at her for wandering off. The elven man identified this new woman as "Kamaria," and the woman quickly ushered Misae away.

Kamaria apologized for hitting Misae and asked her if she was with "Ubah, Arnold, Tomren and Taegon." Confused, Misae said yes. Kamaria then said she had people she needed to introduce Misae to, and led her away.

Ubah: Ubah was taken in by the moskas of the Parandur. He found himself in a moska devoted to Reti, the ostrich-god of healing and protection. There, he asked many questions of the priests, who eventually suggested to Ubah that he visit Aya Jasheed al-Atar in Khariib.

When the group assembled in the evening, they were worried to discover that Arnold and Misae had not made it back to the inn, and Zafar had yet to check in. The proprietor of the inn informed the group that they had been left a note. This note gave instructions on how to find a secret hideaway where an anonymous individual said they wished to discuss a business proposal, and not to wait for their friends.

The group apprehensively followed the instructions, which led them to the Mouse and Oyster Pub. Here, they found a secret staircase that led underground. What they discovered was indeed a secret hideout—the secret headquarters of the Butterfly, a resistance movement seeking revolution in Bratana.

Immediately, the group recognized Beasts for Peace playing on the stage here, and that the band was accompanied by Arnold. Dancing on one of the tables was Misae and a new friend she and Arnold had made—the flower girl from Samsandi, whose name was Narida sil-Ghaznavi.

Zafar came up to the group and apologized profusely for not contacting them sooner. He dodged questions about himself to introduce the group to the leaders of the Butterfly: Kamara sha-Aridus, and Mitra sha-Najafi. Mitra was an older woman who had a sharp tongue and a clever wit, while Kamaria was very focused and business-oriented. Kamaria explained that the group were known in Karna and considered heroes by the Butterfly because of their exploits in Molentius and the destruction of the Brotherhood of Chains. This act caused a destabilization in the slave trade that the Butterfly hopes to capitalize on to begin their revolution in earnest. The group agreed to help the Butterfly with their movement, and Kamaria explained that they weren't on a strict time table—that remaining unpredictable in their timing was actually an advantage—and that the sands of Bratana would test each and every member of the party in some way and that hopefully these tests would lead the group to allies that would aid the Butterfly.

Misae tried to mend things with Haseya, but Haseya was still furious at her friend. Narida tried to get Misae to sneak out for more fun, but Misae declined, explaining that she couldn't risk Haseya becoming more angry.

Haseya was the first to meet Theletos, a bizarre creature made mostly of crystal but with four spindly arms that separated into eight total hands. The creature communicated via envisaging, giving Haseya mental imagery such as a dove in flight, a child holding out a flower, and a purring kitten. Despite the creature's horrifically odd appearance, its innocent nature endeared it to Haseya. Kamaria approached and explained that the creature just showed up one day, but it had been giving images of breaking chains and freeing slaves, so she thinks it wants to help and has allowed it to remain.

Arnold tried to use the rod of wonder during Haseya and Misae's heart-to-heart speech, but Narida appeared and took the rod away from Arnold, bopping him on the head with it and tucking it away between her breasts. Arnold was stunned when the rod did not return to him as it normally did.

Tomren had a reunion with Emanaya, the felice warlock who helped the group escape initial captivity in the Valley of Chains. It was mixed emotions for Tomren, who was wary of Emanaya's warlock nature but enjoyed her personality. Emanaya explained that she was hear to help the revolution, because she believed in freedom. After a back and forth about using magic "to kill," Emanaya suggested a walk. The two walked the hallways of the Butterfly's underground hideout until they were alone. Emanaya suggested that Tomren had a darkness inside of him and that she could feel it. Tomren continually said he didn't know what she was talking about until Emanaya moved her hand from Tomren's chest to his face, causing his skin to become pallid and his cheekbones to sink in. Tomren quickly pushed her hand away, returning life to his face. Emanaya made the suggestion that Tomren could be rid of this "darkness" if he took a patron. Tomren flatly denied, saying he would not be thrall to another power. Emanaya argued that he was already a thrall—a thrall to the Towers, a thrall to the Empire, and a thrall to death—and then walked away, leaving Tomren to stew in anger and frustration.

With a large handful of missions and leads to pursue, the group agreed that the top priority was helping the Sand Circle druids, who sounded as if they were in trouble. Haseya wanted to leave immediately, but was talked into resting for the night by a concerned Zafar. Taegon, Haseya, and Misae returned to the Falcon's Perch Inn, and the group rested after a very long day.



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