Child of Fire

A new crisis threatens to break newly-formed bonds.

Taursday, 14 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The battle with Qolzythirant, the pale orange dragon, begins. Haseya is quick to cast offensive spells while Tomren attempts to blind the dragon. Tomren's spell fails, but he is successful in weakening the creature. When he does, his face becomes sunken and pale, and Haseya notices.

Misae quickly runs to the device keeping the giant vulture held in a cage high overhead. After determining it would take too long to crank it down safely, she cuts the cable, sending the cage hurtling downward. The impact injures the vulture, but also breaks open the door. The king vulture, three times the size a man, steps out and begins attacking the dragon.

Taegon teleports on top of the dragon and, with his mythril katana, begins slashing into the beast. The dragon hurtles upward 80 feet in the air, corkscrewing as it flies to shake off Taegon, but Taegon holds fast.

As the dragon rights itself, Taegon pulls out his katana and infuses it with the holy powers of his deity, slamming it into the base of the dragon's neck. The dragon slumps in the air and Taegon finds himself plummeting toward the ground in a deadfall.

Quickly, Haseya commands the king vulture to meet Taegon midair, saving him from certain death. The giant bird rockets upward, grabbing Taegon free from the dead dragon as the corpse falls to the ground, katana still lodged in its skull.

Qolzythirant hits the ground with a tremendous boom. The vulture lands beside it gracefully, and Taegon tumbles out of the vulture's grasp, springing to his feet and pulling his weapon free of the freshly-slain dragon.

Haseya spoke with the vulture, who knows of Ga Jakadi and agrees to serve him as his mount. The group began dismantling the dragon body, scavenging it for all manner of organs and parts. Misae, a little grossed out by the process, wanders the ruins of Arakoy and finds a dead gyppa woman draped over a nest containing four eggs. One has been broken, but three are intact. Misae calls for Haseya, and Haseya collects the eggs, delicately holding them in her papoose.

Misae continues exploring Arakoy and finds Qolzythirant's "hoard," a smattering of coins and woven relics. Within this hoard is also a suit of chitinous full plate—after casting identify, it is revealed to be made from the carapace of the tlincalli, the scorpionfolk of the eastern wastes. Taegon claims the armor as his.

The group makes their way back to Karamezra with the help of the king vulture. Taegon and Tomren ride back on Sunshine, as the king vulture refuses to touch it.

Oathday, 15 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group arrives back in Karamezra and present the king vulture to Ga Jakadi. He lets Moras go as promised and names the vulture "sneaky bear" in his own tongue after Misae and Haseya. Moras hugs everyone and acts like an idiot. The group flies back to the Sand Circle so Moras can confront them. Moras gives them a scathing lecture, and Daphissa apologizes for her actions, saying she will lend her help to the group. Just then, Ga Jakadi arrives in the circle, worried about the "traitorous druids." The druids are furious that a gyppa is within their midst, and Ga Jakadi is furious that it appears an alliance is being forged. The group quickly sides with the gyppa, and the druids open an attack on the Kha and his mount, and exile the group. Sebba Kurtbach, the timid dwarven druid, leaves with the group, disgusted by her archdruid's actions.

The group returns to Abbas's farmstead with Moras and Sebba in tow. They see smoke on the horizon and rush to investigate. They are relieved to find Abbas and Ozra fine and healthy, burning a large bonfire, as the fifteenth of Whitefall is the Day of Flames in Bratana. They are fed ice cream and sweets and offered a boat ride back to Karna.

They arrive in Karna around eight in the evening. Haseya confronts Tomren about how he looked sick when he cast spells, but Tomren claimed to know nothing about it. Moras wonders why Tomren and Haseya went off to be alone and asks Misae if they're "a thing." Misae is immediately suspicious of Moras's intentions and Moras quickly becomes flustered. 

Once the group arrives at the Butterfly hideout, Narida invites Misae out to explore Karna. Misae agrees, and the two go out for a night of drinking and mischief. The night ends with Narida saying she lost her mother and is fighting to free the slaves so nobody has to go through what she went through. Drunk and misreading the moment, Narida tries to kiss Misae, who politely rebuffs her. Narida laughs it off and apologizes, and the two girls return to the base, where Haseya is waiting with worry and anger. Narida disappears into Arnold's room and doesn't come out until morning.

That evening, Taegon has a dream that he is lost at sea on a boat in a storm. He hears the Lady of Light calling for him and for his aid.

Arday, 17 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group begins their journey to Jasserah to complete Tomren's next justicar contract. Before leaving, Haseya meets with a Butterfly-friendly leatherworker to commission a suit of dragon scale mail out of the scales collected from Qolzythirant. The rest of the day is spent in travel.

Truday, 18 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group arrives on the outskirts of Jasserah as the sun is setting. The address leads Tomren to a small goat farm, where a father and his two daughters are finishing daily chores. Upon seeing Tomren, the father commands the daughters to go inside, and he rushes behind them. Tomren casts hold person and freezes the man, who is screaming profanities at Tomren. Eventually, the man breaks free of the hold, and runs inside, grabbing a scimitar.

It is revealed that Tomren's target is Neema il-Aspis, a 9-year-old sun elven girl. Misae is immediately shocked and furious about this, and refuses to allow Tomren to continue. The man begins attacking, slashing at Misae, Tomren, and Taegon. Misae forces Haseya inside the house, where the mother and sister of Neema are terrified of the massive bear creature that has appeared before them.

The session ends here, with the group splintered. Tomren is insistent on completing his duty, while Taegon seems to be searching for a compromise and Haseya and Misae are set squarely against him. The entire Aspis family is furious and terrified, and there doesn't appear to be a good solution in sight.



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