Eight Nights in Dunezar

Some Much Needed Downtime

The Hunter's Take guild offered the new recruits a feast. Most of the leaders of the Hunter's Take were in attendance, and the group met the following new faces: Archie Trueshot, a halfling bowman of some renown; Heigard Rauss, a legendary member of the Hunter's Take; Belmelia Rauss, Heigard's loving wife and cleric of Elsabene Earthtender; Jared Koner, the guild's foremost trapsmith; Manwulf Wann, an eccentric dwarven knight with a boar mount named Frida; and Winket Frimar, the newest recruit to the Take outside of the group themselves.

After much song, story, food and drink, the group retired for the evening. Concluding an evening of flirting, Manora joined Arnold in his bedchambers.

25 Brownleaf 6934 EY - On this day, Ubah held a meeting with Leodolf in an attempt to convince the guildmaster to lead a counter strike on the slavers. Leodolf explained that it was outside the purview of the Hunter's Take to initiate such a charge; he instead suggested that Ubah discuss the matter with Zafar Blackgrace, the captain of the Jungle Watch. Zafar seemed less than thrilled to see Ubah, but upon hearing his plan, his countenance changed considerably. Zafar revealed that he has long sought a way to end the slavers, and asked for a week to rally his lieutenants and formulate a plan to strike out at the slavers for good.

Meanwhile, Tomren sought out a professor of magical beasts at Dunezar University to discuss the strange, magically-inert brain of the couatl he harvested. He was introduced to Professor Histum Geldimbrag, a haughty and eccentric gnomish professor who insisted on calling Tomren "Wilkins." After finally convincing the professor that he wasn't a student, Tomren relinquished the brain to Geldimbrag's possession, who in turn promised to divulge any information he learned about the brain to Tomren.

26 Brownleaf 6934 EY  On this day, the group heard rumors of a unique band playing at the tavern known as the Deep Darkness. When the group went to watch, they discovered the band was composed of members of the low races-an orc, an ogre, a bugbear, a hobgoblin, a goblin, a gnoll, and a kobold lead singer named Cal Cabboway.

Arnold was very impressed by Cal Cabboway and the band that called themselves "Beasts For Peace." Cal agreed to take Arnold under his wing in a crash course—his tuition would be paying the tabs for the band for five straight nights of insane drunken revelry.

27 Brownleaf 6934 EY - Arnold awoke this morning in the Broken Spear tavern, naked but for a g-string with a note from a mysterious individual named "N." Tomren received a mission from his organization instructing him to travel northward to Harubel to dispose of an individual named the "Father of Worms." Ubah began recruiting individuals for the strike force on the Valley of Chains.

28 Brownleaf 6934 EY - While training with Ubah and Winket, Taegon noticed a loon flying through the air. Knowing this bird to not be native to the jungles, Taegon followed it into the jungle. It led him to a statue that took the form of Tarathiel, his goddess. There, Taegon took his oath of the ancients in the light of his goddess. Meanwhile, Arnold awoke this day in an orphanage where he had apparently stumbled in and eaten all of the children's cookies.

29 Brownleaf 6934 EY - Arnold awoke this day in his own bed, but strapped with leather bindings, naked, and with a foreign object lodged in his nether regions. When produced, it turned out to be a magical rod. This rod of wonder is capable of creating thousands of unique effects, but they occur at random. On its first use, Arnold granted sentience to a chair, which immediately began panicking and screaming in existential crisis. Meanwhile, Zafar called a meeting with Ubah, Taegon and Tomren to discuss their plans for attacking the Valley of Chains. After several plans were discussed, it was beginning to look like there are no easy way to make the strike happen. Taegon resolved to make contact with the Hunter's Take guild members to see who might be interested in joining, and he also planned on contacting the Viridian Wardens in hopes that they might send aid. Ubah meanwhile endeavored to research the Tongo Mountains in the hopes of finding an underground passage into the Valley of Chains.



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