Guardians of the Tomb

Mummy lords are dicks, you guys.

Truday, 18 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The standstill at the farmstead continued. Arnold is approached by one of the farmers' neighbors, who seems suspicious, but Arnold uses suggestion to compel the man to continue walking. Tensions flare between Tomren and the duo of Haseya and Misae until it appears blows might be exchanged. Arnold enters the home and attempts to mediate between the two groups. Eventually, a compromise is agreed upon: the group will retreat back to Jasserah for now, search for an answer in the Library of Sjet when they gain entrance, and revisit this problem after they've researched the nature of the Weaveborn. The group returns to Jasserah, get rooms at the Shining Gem Inn, and get incredibly drunk.

Norday, 19 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group spends a day recovering from bad nightmares and worse hangovers. Arnold and Tomren explore the Pario Moska again since they're in town.

Venday, 20 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group sets out for the crypt of the Shining Zultan. They make camp off the roadside at nightfall. Ubah has a cryptic dream about his grandfather, Sindoro.

Taursday, 21 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group travels through the open wastes to arrive at the Tomb of the Shining Zultan. As they draw closer, their food suddenly spoils and the water in their canteens evaporates. Taegon hears his name spoken on the wind, and, after puzzling how to enter the crypt, the whispered words instruct him to spill his blood. He does so, and the door opens.

The inside of the crypt is a horror show, with signs that people had been buried alive here very evident. A ghastly cackling can be heard throughout the entire complex, and all of the dungeon is black as night. The first room the group enters is guarded by a pair of minotaur skeletons and an animated mummy. This proves to be a devastating battle for the group, who manage to survive it but require a short rest afterward.

During the short rest, an evil entity infiltrates Misae's mind and tears her apart from within, leaving her spasming on the ground and babbling incoherently. This episode lasts for almost ten minutes, and Haseya attempts to soothe her friend.

The group carries on, finding nothing in this room, and doubling back to another series of rooms where they find a statue of a naked elven woman bent over a pool of water. Arnold drinks the water and nearly becomes petrified, and is scolded by Haseya for acting recklessly. The group enters the next room where they see strange symbols on the wall. Arnold begins to cast comprehend languages and Misae explores the rest of the chamber. Misae stumbles across an altar, upon which are two skulls and a pile of coins. The skulls animate, revealing themselves to be flameskulls, and immediately attack Misae. This fight proves to be even more lethal than the last, nearly claiming the lives of the group as they are pummeled by a barrage of fire bolts and fire balls. Eventually, these skulls are shattered, and the group places their remains in the petrifying pool of water, as Haseya knows that these creatures reanimate after an hour.

Taegon knows that certain creatures of particular power levels can have a corrupting influence on their lairs. This is usually the case with ancient dragons, dread vampires, or demon princes, but it also extends to mummy lords. He presumes that a mummy lord is responsible for the madness that rest induces and the spoiling of their foodstuff. Whether or not this mummy lord is indeed the Shining Zultan, and, by extension, Taegon's grandfather, nobody dares answer. Having exhausted their abilities, the group decides to risk a night of sleep in the crypt.

Oathday, 22 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group's slumber is wracked with horrifying nightmares. Haseya and Arnold steel themselves against this mental onslaught, but Taegon, Tomren and Misae wake up with temporary insanity: Taegon and Tomren are haunted by hallucinations, and Misae has lost the ability to speak altogether. It becomes apparent that sleeping in this crypt is a danger in and of itself, and the group begins to worry if they will even make it out alive.



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