Into Razorspire Mines

A Nightmare in Waiting

2 Deadtree 6934 EY: The war party arrived at Crade's Spire in mid-afternoon and, following instructions as laid out by the notes left by the dwarven miners, found the entrance to Razorspire Mine as the sun began to set. Zafar suggested setting up camp outside the entrance. The milita folk began discussing their lives outside of the militia, and spirits seemed high, until an unnatural wailing emitted from the depths of Razorspire Mine. The noises set the camp ill at ease until Heigard, Belmelia, Taegon, Remi, and Arnold formed an impromptu band to play music and lift the spirits. The plan succeeded, and, with the help of Barin's surprisingly quality food, the group was able to forget the imminent danger.

Manora dragged Arnold away from the campsite to engage in a bit of intimacy. After finding a quiet place, the pair was interrupted by a dwarven entity clad in black leathers. The entity emitted a sense of amazing power and admonished Arnold for "wasting time" with the slavers when so many important things were about to happen. Shaken by the encounter, the couple returned to the camp.

Eza chose to spend this evening sleeping with Tomren as she was too afraid of the following day to sleep on her own. Zafar invited Taegon and Ubah to sleep in his pavilion tent, as they did not own tents.

3 Deadtree 6934 EY: The group finally entered the Razorspire Mines. Nearly immediately, they are beset upon by a horde of arachnid humanoid creatures called 'chitines.'  The group bravely warded off these attackers, losing only Leylam Mudeya, a militia man, to the onslaught.

Heading northward and deeper into the caves, the group resisted the urge to explore any more than they had to. They stumbled into a nest of gazers, lesser beholderkin that were led by a spectator. These creatures were quickly dispatched, and in this room was found a sizable crate of mythril, as requested by the ardo.

Venturing northward more, the cavern opened into an immense quarry of purite. Here, thousands of feet below, the group could see countless chitine scrambling to avoid the light being refracted off of the seams and veins of raw purite found here. The group tried to hurry through this cavern, but was stopped by the arrival of the creature known as the Abortion: a pale, ghastly aberration roughly beholder in form but with pale white skin and a bleeding red eye.

A terrible battle was fought, and many were injured. Bannet Dofrey and Eza Nyafor both had their lives claimed by the monstrosity until Belmelia landed a lucky strike of holy energy, destroying the creature completely.

Finding a pathway that seemingly led to the Valley of Chains and feeling that they had left the horrors of the Razorspire Mine behind them, the group decided to camp to recoup, regroup, and prepare for the final push on the slavers.



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