A new menace emerges; an old friend is lost.

Oathday, 19 Newbirth, 6935 EY: The group emerges from the broken elevator to find a derelict level of the library. As they wander to find the stairs that will lead them up to the surface, they see pillars of black smoke rising from a section of the library. They head to investigate and find Imperial soldiers burning down aisles of books with flamethrowers—many of these soldiers are armed with rifles, and some manner of priest is there, standing alongside a knight. The group's new friend, Ilfrek, becomes overtaken with rage, and runs forward, throwing violet lightning in the priest's direction. The knight absorbs this magical attack with their sword. The priest is furious, throwing derogatory words at Ilfrek and commanding the "Slayer" to seize them. As they run, Jadeflame is revealed on Misae's back. This causes the priest to begin frantically shouting to capture them. The "Slayer" then sprouts angelic wings and glowing armaments with floating golden scythes and begins to pursue the group through the library while firing bolts of radiant energy from their bastard sword. The group narrowly makes it to the stairs and begin to make their escape. As they make the rapid ascent, Krystof begins to falter and realizes he won't be able to make it. He can hear the soldiers behind the group. He uses telekinesis to thrust Taegon away from him to prevent him from stopping his last stand, then sends a clockwork owl to Tomren's side. He erects a wall of force and kills a dozen guards before at last his body is shattered and ruined by a hailstorm of bullets from the riflemen. Agonized, horrified, and heartbroken, the group escapes to the surface.

Before they even have a chance to mourn, the priest's voice can be heard all throughout Karna. He identifies himself as "Brother Justice" and asks all Imperial soldiers in Realm to be on the lookout for the Pathseekers, giving detailed descriptions of what they look like. The group begins to move quickly, but are found by Imperial riflemen and crossbowmen.

The group tries to flee, but bullets are fired and the situation looks grim. In the nick of time, an angelic being descends from the sky, reducing all of the Imperial soldiers to unconsciousness. This androgynous, green-skinned elven man is a form of angel called a planetar, sent by Tes-Betat himself at the pleas of Zafar Blackgrace. The angel explains that his contract limits him from intervening directly, but he can create a cover for them to escape the city. The planetar says to meet Zafar in "Zaramath to the north," where Zafar is waiting with some of their companions. The planetar then summons a sandstorm and a plague of locusts, which the group uses to flee the city of Karna.

Lorday, 20 Newbirth, 6935 EY: The group travels northward to Zaramath in relative silence.

Arday, 21 Newbirth, 6935 EY: The group continues their northward journey to Zaramath.

Truday, 22 Newbirth, 6935 EY: The group arrives in Zaramath, the Bratanan city of love. Here they investigate a destitute chapel to Tes-Betat. The priest there is suspicious when they mention Zafar, but after successfully answering test questions, the priest opens up, explaining that Zafar is waiting for them in the docks district and to look for a ship called the Jade Serpent. The group is reunited with Moras, Zafar, Standing Bear, Beasts for Peace, Narida and Sebba, as well as Ara Jakata, captain of the Jade Serpent. Everyone leaves but Zafar, bound for  the Sarenulian port town of Yuhari.

Norday, 23 Newbirth, 6935 EY: The first day of travel is marked by torrential downpour and rocky waves. The captain encourages the group to remain below decks. Evening's dinner is pickled beets and breaded breast of chicken.

Venday, 24 Newbirth, 6935 EY: The rain stops this day, leaving the temperatures a crisp 50 degrees, but the storms take the winds with them, leaving the ship becalmed. Ara Jakata has a sorcerer on retainer, a yellowborn named Vance Waithman, who uses wind magic along with Haseya to move the ship at a snail's pace. Evening's dinner is roasted peppers with a filling of a mix of cheese and cheese rolls with a filling of nuts, honey and vegetables.

Taursday, 25 Newbirth, 6935 EY: Slightly warmer this day, and the rain begins to pour again. This is no storm, however, and the downpour comes with no rain. Still becalmed, the captain asks for any magical assistance again to help get the ship moving. 

Haseya finds Ilfrek and Sebba sick and throwing up overboard. She learns Ilfrek is miserably seasick. Asking Sebba she learns that Sebba is used to boats and went sailing all the time back home, but she can't stand the sight of others getting sick so when she came over to help Ilfrek she got caught barfing with him. Haseya makes a calming tea for Ilfrek that helps ease his stomach.

Evening's dinner is prime roast sirloin and spinach mashed potatoes.

Oathday, 26 Newbirth, 6935 EY: Day four is a beautiful day weather-wise, with the high being 70 degrees, but again the wind is absolutely still. The boat moves but does so incredibly slowly, being propelled only by magical means. Nothing of interest happens on this day otherwise. Evening's dinner is braised oxtails with mushrooms.

Lorday, 27 Newbirth, 6935 EY: There is a light, pleasant rain on this morning, and the ship finally has a favorable wind. In the afternoon, the rain stops, leaving the temperature a pleasant 65 degrees. Narida and B4P strike upon the idea to have a dance party on the deck that evening to try to forget the troubles the group had just endured. Ara Jakata breaks out stores of alcohol and the ship's cook makes a feast of roast duck with apples, roast beef served with cranberry sauce, and a smoked salmon salad. Moras impresses Haseya by knowing how to dance thanks to his noble upbringing; Standing Bear dances with Haseya and is terrible at it but is able to laugh it off. Standing Bear also grows jealous of Moras and is scolded by Misae. Misae and Taegon dance, and finish with a kiss, which they then do again later in the evening. Arnold and Narida high five each other for mission accomplished.

Arday, 28 Newbirth, 6935 EY: nother pleasant day of light, scattered showers and a steady easterly wind. Nothing of note happens on this day. Evening's dinner is leftover smoked salmon salad and beef and vegetable casserole.

Truday, 29 Newbirth, 6935 EY: The rain picks up some, up to a moderate shower, but not quite a storm. The wind is frustratingly sporadic, leaving the ship nearly becalmed. Around noon, an alarm bell is rung on the ship's deck, demanding all hands on deck. The group finds the ship has been overran with crawdring from the ocean depths. The session ends with the group steeling themselves to enter the fray.



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