The Dragon Emperor

An infiltration of the world's greatest palace.

Arday, 11 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers successfully infiltrate the Crown of the World. They debate how they are going to infiltrate the wyvern compound until ultimately deciding that a direct break-in is the quickest route. During this frontal assault, using Nobu as a battering ram, Misae fell from the great bear and was dragged behind it. The group quickly made their way inside, hijacking wyverns, which Taegon had difficulty controlling, but Tomren displayed a natural talent with. As they flew upward to the Heavenly Palace, they noticed they were being pursued by Mei Jeimei agents and wyvern riders. The Mei Jeimei were able to hit Misae with tranquilizing needles, knocking her unconscious, which slumped her off of the wyvern, but she was caught midair by the intelligent beast.

Upon arriving at the Heavenly Palace, the group was attacked by Mei Jeimei agents, wyvern riders, and two adult dragons. Before the dragons could lay ruin and devastation upon the group, two individuals arrived; Zhou Dong, the Tiger General, and Li Chao, the minister of Ilias and leader of the Mei Jeimei, who was also the noodle lady supposed dead days before.

After some brief confusion, Shiro was able to talk Zhou Dong into permitting an audience with Dragon Emperor Fang Peng Roc. After a very tense discussion, one of Fang Peng Roc's draconic allies—daughter of Fothratarth, Isrutarth—cast restorative spells on Misae and Zhou Dong, granting them their memories back and revealing Li Chao's deception. Fang Peng Roc exiled Li Chao, but Li Chao took the entirety of the Mei Jeimei with her. Both the korthadrak and the uthadrak left Sarenul temporarily to report to the Dracocouncil in the north.

Fang Peng Roc felt humiliation instead of gratitude after these events. He claimed the Pathseekers had dishonored him, and refused them the help they asked. He said if they wished for help, they would need to help one of his daimyos, a corvo named Hiroshi Shizuma, who had been asking for help to reclaim his ancestral home of Shizuma Castle in Okura. The group agreed, said goodbye to Shiro Bo Fu and Nobu, and were escorted to the base of the mountain.

Truday, 12 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: After traveling the hilly countryside, the group arrived in Ikochumi, an industrious city. Ahiga began acting very strangely here, biting and growling and being a general nuisance. While Haseya tried to figure things out, the rest of the group went to a museum at Tomren's behest. When they returned, they learned Ahiga was going through "growing pains." Taegon remarked that he thought Ahiga was fully grown—Haseya said that "so did she."

The group continued traveling, refusing to stay in town because of the impoliteness of their innkeeper.

Norday, 13 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: A day of travel passes by without incident.

Venday, 14 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: The group arrives in Anzamuri, a busy market town. Narida and Arnold are charged with finding out information about Okura while the others find an inn. When the two return, they explain that Okura is primarily corvo and has been evacuated in recent days because of the incident with intruders in Shizuma Castle. It is assumed the intruders are affiliated with the empire of Realm, and many strange mercenaries have been hired to help shore up its defenses.

Taursday, 15 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: A day of travel passes by without incident.

Oathday, 16 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: A day of travel passes by without incident.

Lorday, 17 Earlydawn, 6935 EY; The Day of the Dragons: The Pathseekers arrive in Okura. They find their rendezvous point, an inn called the Double Dragons, amongst the empty and desolate city. Here, they find a whiskey-swilling grizzled old cowboy named Merle Gunnarson. Merle explains that he and two others are hired hands by Hiroshi Shizuma. The other two are Lily Oxford, a bubbly little halfron, and none other than Chumani of Sipaku, Haseya's mentor and dear friend. The two are astonished to see each other here, and Chumani says that she believes her daughter, Fala, may have survived the Razing of the Graywald and her hunt has led her here. The three mercenaries begin bickering, which is interrupted by an arrow in the wall and the sudden arrival of the noble Hiroshi Shizuma, who tells the group a legend his father told him about two warring dragons. He says that he walked the world for many years and has now returned to his home only to find it overran by Imperial scum, and begs for everyone's help. Lily smiles sheepishly and replies, "The world could always use more heroes."



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