The Dragon Empire

The arrival in Sarenul

Truday, 29 Newbirth, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers find themselves fighting two eel hounds and a strange variation of crawdring that looks like a toad-shark with thick, rubbery skin and lanky limbs. While fighting, a shriek is heard from across the boat—another one of these lanky crawdring have grabbed Sebba and leapt from the deck with her. The other two druids and Standing Bear are quick to leap to action. Misae goes to their aid, helping to save Standing Bear's life from a shark. Taegon and Tomren nearly lay low the toad-shark humanoid, but it has unforeseen regenerative powers and rises from assumed death. Taegon is thrown overboard but rescued by Moras in the form of a dolphin. Eventually, everyone reboards the ship, including a rescued Sebba, and the group finishes off the eel hounds, although the toad-shark crawdrings escape. A headcount is done after and three people are missing, including the sorcerer Vance Waithman.

Norday, 30 Newbirth, 6935 EY: The rain becomes a raging storm, and everyone is advised to keep below decks. The storm brings with it much-needed winds, and the ship makes up lost ground, but the sailing is rough. The storm brings sickness and exhaustion to Misae and Ilfrek.

Venday, 31 Newbirth, 6935 EY: Winds are scarce again this day, but the weather is clear and the temperature is 70 degrees all day. Standing Bear has borrowed a fistful of fishing rods from the crew and challenges Arnold and Tomren specifically to a fishing contest, but says anyone is welcome to join, but he warns the druids that “doing your animal thing and jumping in the water is cheating. Taegon and Moras also join. Standing Bear wins the contest of most fish caught, but the biggest fish is tied between Moras and Standing Bear.

Taursday, 1 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: Another frustrating day of torrential downpour with trace amounts of wind. Heavy banks of fog roll in, leaving traveling to crawl at a snail's pace. Ara Jakata is undeterred and seems convinced the Serpent is nearing Sarenul. Evening's dinner is beef stew and corn on the cob.

Oathday, 2 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: A light smattering of rain this day as well as a healthy wind at last. Again around noon, the ship is suddenly picked up out of the water by a dragon turtle, who bellows a demand of who travels so close to the Sarenulian border and what do they seek. Ara Jakata apologizes profusely for not raising the tradesman's flag and shows the turtle both the flag and a seal. The mighty creature seems suspicious but allows the Jade Serpent passage to Yuhari.

Yuhari is a bustling but friendly port city. Spring seems to have arrived unnaturally early in Sarenul, with cherry blossoms blooming and green grass flourishing on the countryside beyond. The waters are sparkling and blue, the weather is perfect, and the people are friendly. For all intents and purposes, Sarenul seems idyllic, perhaps close to perfect. 

Ilfrek and Tomren are taken to an administrative building to have their justicar credentials checked. Ilfrek is revealed to be a Collector-Loremaster, of which only 27 exist in the entire world. Tomren is told he is allowed within the boundaries of Sarenul and can conduct justicar business, but if he were to seek to apprehend "innocents" he would be hunted by the anti-justicars. While this was happening, Misae was wandering the open air market and was coerced into purchasing fabric in order to learn information about the Sixteen Tenets.

The Pathseekers found a street vendor selling bowls of noodles. They each purchased a bowl and sat to eat. While eating, they noticed a billboard surrounded by offerings. Upon approach, Arnold used comprehend language to read the Sarenulian and learned it was a billboard of hundreds of missing children. The group became concerned, reminded that this had been a recurring problem throughout their travels. They found lodging in the River of Life Inn and began asking around in the shantytowns about the apparent abductions. They were mostly met with indifference or hostility, but one man told them the belief is that an evil and angry spirit has been stealing away the children because of some perceived slight or aggression.

Lorday, 3 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: The group travels to the city of Kai. On the way, they encounter a woman selling noodles out of a roadside wagon. She introduces herself as Li Chao, but the locals know her as the Noodle Lady. She also has a range of adventuring supplies to sell to the group. Li Chao rose Misae's suspicion when she noticed Jadeflame and began to ask about it. The Noodle Lady immediately recognized that she was making Misae uncomfortable and apologized, explaining that her husband had been an adventurer and that she collects curiosities that would appeal to adventurers and has always been charmed by the adventuring lifestyle and magical and wondrous items. She tries to refund Misae's money for making her uncomfortable, but Misae refuses.

Arday, 4 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: The group arrives in Kai, which is somehow even more warm, friendly and inviting than Yuhari. Clearly a tourist town, Kai is built around the Tenet of indulgence. Spas, beauty parlors, manicurists, acupuncturists, and masseuses lines the streets here, as well as casinoes and even sanctioned brothels. The group is approached by a monk named Gu Shi who convinces the women they deserve a day at the spa. Taegon generously pays for them all to have a day of relaxation. Tomren attends a Sarenulian opera and finds the performance quite good. The group find lodging in The Coral Spire Inn and settle in for the evening.

Truday, 5 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: The session ended early this morning, as the women prepared for their day at the spa and Tomren received a new justicar contract.



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