The Library of Sjet

The Paths are Revealed

Truday, 15 Whitefall, 6935 EY – The group spent the day shopping for supplies in preparation to enter the Library of Sjet.

Norday, 16 Whitefall, 6935 EY – The group finally enters the Library of Sjet. Initially, they enter the tower only to find a plain, empty, undecorated room. After consulting with a scribe, however, they are instructed to gather in the center of the room. They are then lowered into a massive library with hundreds of millions of books, tomes, scrolls, and charts. The group begins desperately rifling through all the accumulated knowledge to find anything, but it quickly becomes apparent that the "good" stuff is going to be found on the lower levels called the Archives. The group enters the center of the library—called the Hub—and are lowered into the 696 levels of the Library of Sjet.

Venday, 17 Whitefall, 6935 EY - Oathday, 19 Whitefall, 6935 EY: Time was easy to lose in the depths of the library. Unsure of when it was night or day, the group slept when they were tired and searched the tomes while they were not. They found countless curiosities, including what appeared to be a grassland made of moldy books, a stray tenebra-mela expedition, and a forbidden section filled with unstable magical tomes. Throughout these adventures, the group each unearthed secrets about their own personal mysteries: Tomren learned of Augmar, the demon prince of night; he learned of Lot, the Grim Reaper and harbinger of death; and he learned of the Thollion Prophecies and how they predicted the death of magic. Taegon learned how to kill a mummy lord and a very small snippet about the mystic elves, called 'eladrin,' that pine for something known as "Firatuul." Arnold found a book detailing the exploits of a knight-turned-werewolf named Sir Jaremy. Haseya and Misae found an old Ethovan fairy tale that sounded a lot like what their village was enduring, and were horrified to learn that, if the same plague in the fairy tale was affecting them, that it would result in undead infants.

Eventually, the Pathseekers found a secret alcove. Here, they met Ilfrek Rhosenhart, a fugitive wizard from the violet towers who had abandoned his post when he got lost in the mysteries of the library. In particular, Ilfrek was taken by the rumors of a set of powerful artifacts called the Paths of Salvation. He was shocked to his core when he saw one of these very artifacts strapped to Misae's back. He was quick to show the group the Verse of Salvation and explain that these artifacts MUST be recovered, for Realm, the Empire of Man, is seeking them out as well. Ilfrek doesn't know what Realm wants with the Paths but believes that, should the Empire collect them, it may lead to cataclysmic results. The group offered to take Ilfrek with them, and he agreed, wishing to see where this mystery led.

On the way out, Haseya was magically separated from the group and wandered into the domain of Sjet, the owl-god of wisdom. Sjet introduced himself to Haseya, and explained that the world teetered on the brink of oblivion—a threat beyond the threats the Pathseekers would face, a threat in the future that threaten to swallow existence whole. Sjet believed that the Pathseekers had the power to nurture a contingency plan in case the worst happened. Of all of them, Haseya held the most nurturing power, and so Sjet granted Haseya a seed—a mysterious, giant acorn—and said to fall asleep with it near her and it would reveal its powers.

Haseya was returned to her companions, and they made their way to the hub to leave the Library. However, the elevator came to a grinding halt on floor 124—something had caused the mechanism to fail.



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