The Return to Novus

Home sweet home

[Editor's note: Several pages were missing from Master Freuenberger's journal here. A few remained intact but were so stained with a mixture of what appeared to be ale and vomit that they were rendered unreadable. The contents of this portion of the journal have sadly been lost to what must have been a night of intense carousing. However, from what we can glean, the Pathseekers forged an alliance of the peoples of Goranth and stood against the armies of the dragonborn and the fire genasi and came out the victors.]

Oathday, 14 Greysky, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers are magically teleported back to Novus via the powers of Nadia DuFey. They take along with them Eskandar za-Tavana, Tumbleweed, Arbitrary, Gakpit, Vettorio Barbamachollo, Kundang of the Cloth, and Coventina Cherryblossom, as well as a sizable contingency of warforged. Most are happy to see them returned as they feared them dead. Chumani insists on a full check-up, and Zafar requests a report. Narida finally confesses to Arnold her infidelity with Standing Bear, which Arnold seems unphased by. Narida remains insistent that they maintain an open relationship, feeling unworthy of Arnold's dedication.

Lorday, 15 Greysky, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers begin to plan their next move. They learn that the Green Circle is ready to conduct the Tribunal on the Sand Circle and decide that is their next move. A number of missions are available for investigation in Callandria, and the group wishes to have them explored, but many of the individuals they rely on are absent from Shizuma Castle, searching the world for where the Pathseekers had gone. After some discussion, the Pathseekers agree to wait a few days for these individuals to return.

Arday, 16 Greysky, 6935 EY: Misae receives a letter from Telokete explaining the nature of Nicnevin, the Oiche Baugh, and how she should not use the title Oiche Baugh as it alerts the fey creature every time it is uttered. Misae is then talked into traveling to Belaguardia via Nadia's teleporter to find shark jaw bones with Tomren. Misae and Tomren discover a shope called "Niska's Curiosities," which is filled with bones and necromantic items. Niska himself is a very creepy tiefling with a perverse obsession with the undead—Tomren quickly purchases his shark bones and leaves.

Truday, 17 Greysky, 6935 EY: Haseya is abruptly visited by Archdruid Throg of the Green Circle, who tree strides directly into her grove. He growls about not wanting to wait two and a half weeks and gives her a tree stride scroll specifically attuned for Moras. He tells her she can take her time, but not to take TOO long. Haseya sheepishly apologizes and takes the scroll. After discussing it with her allies, they agree to wait three more days.

Venday, 19 Greysky, 6935 EY: Although the day prior passed uneventfully, Fala of Sipaku returned to the castle on this day. She was happy to see the group and was amused by the name similarities between her and Phala.

Taursday, 20 Greysky, 6935 EY: No longer comfortable with keeping the Archdruid waiting, the group decides to use the tree stride spell to travel to Bratana. Zafar, Eskandar, Sebba, and Moras accompany them on their travel, as well as Beasts for Peace, Chumani of Sipaku, and Berilar, who have business in the southern reaches of the neighboring nation of Dalorene. The Pathseekers now await the beginning of the Tribunal of the Sand Circle.



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