Writing's On The Wall

The continued adventures in the Crypt of the Shining Zultan

Flashback: Ubah informs the group that he feels the pull back to the Olvani Islands. He thinks he is ready to go back and help his people. Jadeflame considers this a betrayal and pulls out of Ubah, claiming Misae as its new master—although it shows interest in Haseya as well. Misae is later visited in her dreams by Donkey, who asks for reassurance that their plan to make their own path is still in effect. Misae agrees to it.

Lorday, 23 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group awakens after a night of horrifying nightmares that have shattered the minds of Tomren and Taegon, who begin to hallucinate. The group finds the flameskulls in the next room, fully reformed and sentient but petrified. They do not attack, but explain that they have instruction to guard the room they were taken from. There is a truce between the party and the skulls as they switch rooms.

The group explores the dungeon again and finds a secret door they missed that leads to a room full of statues. Misae investigates an owl head on the wall which causes a large statue of Taeron to attack Taegon. After the fight, the group finds a secret door in the owl head statue. They crawl through a crawlspace to a room with a pool of magical water. They deduce that this water enchants arrows with the Weave—they enchant an arrow of each color of the Weave, and Misae makes plans to share these arrows with Arnold.

The group finds several cyphers written on the walls of these chambers and slowly begin to piece together what the writing in the flameskull chamber might say. The session is ended with a combat encounter with a sarcophagus slime and the recovery of a precious and iconic piece of adventuring gear— a bag of holding.



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