Abbas al-Pahlavi

The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.


Abbas al-Pahlavi is a simple goat herder who owns property on the shores of like Meshidyas just south of the capital city of Karna. Despite his somewhat intimidating appearance, Abbas is a kind soul who is happy to welcome travelers into his home for the night—if they’re willing, of course, to help out around the farm a little.

Abbas is covered in burn scars, and insists that he participated in a djinn war hundreds of years ago when he was a young man. Ozra, his wife, doesn’t believe these stories, but when the Pathseekers met Abbas for the first time, he made a pretty convincing argument by showing them the spoils of war he brought home from the djinni.

Favorite animal: Goats
Favorite color: Red
Favorite book: “Inferno,” by Aeneas Trohan
Favorite song: “Road of Midnight,” an old Bratanan Traveling song
Favorite country: Bratana
Favorite food: whatever his wife is cooking that night

Abbas al-Pahlavi

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