Abbas al-Pahlavi

The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.


Abbas al-Pahlavi is a simple goat herder who owns property on the shores of like Meshidyas just south of the capital city of Karna. Despite his somewhat intimidating appearance, Abbas is a kind soul who is happy to welcome travelers into his home for the night—if they’re willing, of course, to help out around the farm a little.

Abbas is covered in burn scars, and insists that he participated in a djinn war hundreds of years ago when he was a young man. Ozra, his wife, doesn’t believe these stories, but when the Pathseekers met Abbas for the first time, he made a pretty convincing argument by showing them the spoils of war he brought home from the djinni.

Abbas would return to Karna at the resolution of the Battle of Broken Chains to attend the celebration and personally congratulate the Pathseekers on a job well done.

Favorite animal: Goats
Favorite color: Red
Favorite book: “Inferno,” by Aeneas Trohan
Favorite song: “Road of Midnight,” an old Bratanan Traveling song
Favorite country: Bratana
Favorite food: whatever his wife is cooking that night

Abbas al-Pahlavi

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