Adlyth Bronarth

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”


Adlyth Bronarth is the daughter of the kennel master of the Hunter’s Take guild in Dunezar. She has also opted to volunteer in the militia, much to her father’s dismay. Adlyth lacks confidence in her ability, but when given a chance is a brilliant strategist and planner. These talents have yet to come to light in her service as a militia woman, but she shows potential that does not go unnoticed by Zafar.

Adlyth was amongst the number of militia who volunteered to travel to the Valley of Chains with the heroes. Not only did Adlyth survive the ordeal, she came out of it with a newly-forged romance with Herod Elwald, a fellow militia volunteer who had a long-standing crush on the girl.

Adlyth has become more outspoken since her foray into the mines. Realizing the submissiveness of her new boyfriend, Adlyth has taken to using him as a practice dummy in being confident and being unafraid to speak your mind.

Adlyth was amongst the group that agreed to help Haseya find the Tongo thistle in the Tongo mountains.

Favorite animal: Chipmunks
Favorite color: Violet
Favorite book: “The Tooth, The Seal, and The Void” by Dalver Nar
Favorite song: “Think of Anything,” a love song from Dalorene
Favorite country: Sarenul
Favorite food: roasted goose

Adlyth Bronarth

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