Archie Trueshot

“A man that flies from his fear may find that he has only taken a short cut to meet it.”


Archie Trueshot is an accomplished archer and member of the Hunter’s Take. Boastful and proud, Archie loves regaling others with stories of his past deeds, particularly the ladies. When it comes time to put those renowned skills to action, however, Archie becomes less than enthused: in truth, although Archie is a skilled marksman, he is also something of a coward.

Archie was dragged along on the dangerous mission through the Razorspire Mines by Belmelia and Heigard Rauss. Despite wanting nothing to do with it, he eventually relented and joined, proving to be a vital asset to the team.

Upon returning to Dunezar, Archie was quick to take an easy contract that would have him disappear into the woods for a week’s time, where he might find some comfort in familiar surroundings.

Adlyth was amongst the group that agreed to help Haseya find the Tongo thistle in the Tongo mountains. It was also revealed that Archie and Manora have had a long standing fling.

Favorite animal: Chimpanzees
Favorite color: Royal blue
Favorite book: “The Soul of Chaos,” by Hengist Gordon
Favorite song: “Moment of Freedom,” an upbeat Atlan folk song
Favorite country: Molentius
Favorite food: Salad

Archie Trueshot

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