Arshad za-Rajavi

The former mage-lord of Karna, killed during the Battle of Broken Chains.


Arshad za-Rajafi was a cruel man who did the zultan’s bidding without thought. It was Arshad za-Rajafi who killed the slave Little Duck in front of Haseya and attempted to shave the ursith through coercion by threatening to torture Misae in front of her. Arshad was killed when Narida broke Haseya and Misae out of the zultan’s palace and Haseya snapped his neck with her legs.

Arshad was later resurrected by the death cultists of Tuteti, but the ritual went awry and Arshad came back as an unliving nightmare. The creature was put down by Eskandar za-Tavana, Darius za-Sorush, and Zafar za-Farahani.

Arshad za-Rajavi

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