Bannet Dofrey

“Character is doing what you don't want to do but know you should do.”


Bannet Dofrey was one of the only full-time militia men in the Jungle Watch, and the only full-time militia man that volunteered for the foray into the Razorspire Mine and the Valley of Chains. A simple man, Bannet was primarily concerned with providing for his wife and three daughters. He had endured a hard life as a pit fighter to make his way in the rough-and-tumble nation of Molentius, and found pride in the honorable, albeit simple, life of a guard.

Bannet was one of three who was struck down and killed in battle in the Razorspire Mines. A swift blow from one of the mighty tentacles of the Abortion killed Bannet in a single strike. He was later memorialized by Justicar Tomren Hawich alongside Eza Nyafor and Leylam Mudeya.

Despite being unable to retrieve the body, a service was held in Dunezar for Bannet. Zafar has taken it upon himself as a personal duty to see to it that Bannet’s family is tended for and provided a living income.

Bannet Dofrey

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