Barin Gunny

“I have great faith in fools - self-confidence my friends will call it.”


Barin Gunny is a lieutenant of the Jungle Watch in the city of Dunezar. Despite suffering a traumatic head injury that left Barin as something of a simpleton, he is still capable in his duties as a lieutenant, and the militia trust the man with their lives.

Barin can be grating on peoples’ nerves, as the man has a tendency to ramble, oftentimes loudly and incoherently, but his high spirits and jocular attitude usually win the day.

Barin is a surprisingly great cook, and many have urged him to open his own tavern instead of being a militia lieutenant. Barin has dismissed these ideas, feeling that he is needed to help protect Dunezar.

Upon returning to Dunezar from the expedition to the Valley of Chains, Barin resumed his duties as a lieutenant of the Jungle Watch.

Favorite animal: okapi
Favorite color: burgundy
Favorite book: “The City of Murderers,” by Eve Oaker
Favorite song: “Devil For My Sorrow,” a bluesy swamp song
Favorite country: Dalorene
Favorite food: fresh bread

Barin Gunny

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