Cal Cabboway

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."


Cal Cabboway is the founder and frontman of the band “Beasts for Peace,” oftentimes called B4P. Cal is an extremely charismatic and intelligent kobold who firmly believes in the pursuit of equality amongst “high” and “low” races. He thinks that equality, peace and love will heal the world of all of its problems, and he and his like-minded low race friends sing songs to spread this message.

Cal is something of a lecherous individual, and loves women, drinking and fame. He can sometimes come across as bitter about the low race’s lot in life, but it is simply a morbid sense of humor—he genuinely believes in his mission and message.

Cal puts on the front of being foolish, arrogant, and easily taken advantage of, but he uses this as a defense so people underestimate him. In actuality, Cal is incredibly devious, inventive, and resourceful. He and his low race friends wouldn’t have survived as long as they have in less-tolerant neighborhoods if this weren’t the case.

Cal most recently showed up when Arnold was in jail in Harubel. Cal paid Arnold’s bail, which effectively put the Molentian tour to a stop. With what money they had left, Beasts for Peace agreed to travel to the continent of Callandria and try their luck in Jewelspar, capital of Dalorene.

Cal and the rest of the B4P were instrumental in helping during the Battle of Broken Chains. They eventually fled with the Pathseekers to Sarenul, and parted ways in the port city of Yuhari.

Cal Cabboway

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