Chumani of Sipaku

"Look after yourselves out there, I'll get us home safe."


Chumani of Sipaku is a lifelong mentor and friend to Haseya of Sipaku. While Haseya learned the druidic arts from her parents and the Arrow Circle, it was Chumani who taught Haseya the practical things of nature, rudimentary tracking, simple weapon use, and, most importantly, which plants were poisonous and which plants had healing effects. Haseya has Chumani’s tutelage to thank for her amazing herbal remedies.

Haseya was stunned to discover Chumani in Okura during the Siege of Shizuma Castle. Here, she reconnected with her old friend, and learned that Chumani’s daughter, Fala, long thought killed in the Razing of the Graywald, may yet still be alive. Chumani has wandered the lands since learning of this, losing an eye in a grisly confrontation with Imperials in the process. Chumani has also developed advanced alchemical techniques that can heal her allies and harm her foes, put subjects to sleep instantly, or augment their strength, resilience, and speed.

Chumani remains tender, warm, and nurturing, but has developed a hard exterior. She is willing to do anything—and kill anyone—to be reunited with her daughter, if at all possible.

Chumani of Sipaku

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