Floriano Stricklen

“Honest men cannot be expected to anticipate the actions of scoundrels.”


Bossman Floriano Stricklen is the leader of Dunezar. Despite Dunezar being a relatively peaceful place, Floriano represents everything that Molentius truly is: slick, greasy, and corrupt.

Floriano’s first encounter with the group was to coerce them into taking a Hunter’s Take contract to track down and slay a troll that has been giving the locals a lot of trouble. The heroes took the contract, but decided first to handle the situation in the north involving the Father of Worms. Following this, Floriano expressed that he felt offended and insulted to be “put on the back burner.” When the group asked Floriano for help building a rookery for the terror wings, Floriano declined, suggesting the group pay for it themselves.

Floriano Stricklen

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