Grok "The Croc" Grokson

“The life given us, by nature is short; but the memory of a well-spent life is eternal.”


Grok “the Croc” Grokson is arguably the most recognizable and popular of all the croc wrestlers in the sport. He is most famous for his nonsensical catcphrase, “Can you smell what the Grok is Crockin’?”

Grok almost always speaks in third person, starting sentences with “The Grok.” People who have met Grok outside of the arena say that he remains in character at all times. It remains to be seen if Grok is just a serious method actor or if he has sustained permanent head trauma.

After Taegon’s attempt at croc wrestling, the group had the opportunity to meet Grok. The group secured autographs for both Moras Graymoon and Leyne Keber.

When the group infiltrated the Croc-Arena, they were caught by Grok, but some quick thinking led to Grok temporarily joining the party. Grok proved to be a capable and worthy asset in the fight against the Father of Worms, and a humble person by making sure the heroes got the due credit.

Grok "The Croc" Grokson

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