Haseya of Sipaku

“There are two kinds of guilt: the kind that drowns you until you’re useless, and the kind that fires your soul to purpose.”


Haseya of Sipaku is a female ursith druid recently liberated from the Brotherhood of Chains. She has thus far kept much of her past and history to herself, but has made it known that she has traveled far from her home in the depths of the Graywald to search for a cure for an ailment that troubles her village; a sterility plague that causes all young in elves, ursith, and wildlife alike to be stillborn.

Haseya is a natural healer and knows that many rare herbs can be found in the jungles of Molentius. She led a team of elves there to find a cure, but was accosted by a slaver raiding party seeking a victory after their recent crippling loss of their master, the Lord of Chains. Haseya stood her ground, allowing the elves a chance to escape, but in the process she was caught.

Fortune was on Haseya’s side as this happened at the same time that the PC’s launched their assault on the slaver base, destroying it utterly and freeing all of the slaves. Haseya showed her appreciation by joining the group in the hopes that traveling with them will at last help her discover a cure for her people.

Thus far, Haseya seems like a dual-natured individual. Although typically calm, patient, and well-reasoned, she can also be primal, fierce, and intimidating. It is in this way she represents the beautiful tranquility and the untamed ferocity of the natural world that she strives to represent.

Haseya’s time in Harubel was spent worrying over the fates of the animals in Harubel’s menagerie and the wellbeing of the crocodiles in the croc wrestling arena. Although she saw nothing that pushed her to action, Haseya remained wary of how the animals were treated in Harubel.

Haseya bonded with Moras during the travel to the Black Circle, and was overwhelmed when she had the opportunity to meet the archdruid, Throg. Haseya has also began to show reservations toward undeath and necromancy, particularly where Tomren is concerned, and had declared a desire to kill the Father of Worms instead of capture him alive as Tomren intended. However, Haseya allowed the Father of Worms to be captured, but her disdain remained.

Haseya donated a very large amount of gold to the Harubel menagerie, which the keepers then used to improve the living conditions of the animals for which they were responsible.

It was around this time also that Haseya was reunited with her old friend, Misae of Sipaku, who began traveling with Haseya in search of the cure for their village.

Haseya has become very close with Zafar, spending many hours speaking with the sun elf in private. She has additionally taken on a motherly role toward Arnold and Misae, a relationship dynamic that already existed with Misae but now extends to the unruly dwarf as well.

Typical of the ursith, Haseya has taken on the role of group matron. She is their guiding conscience and source of common sense. She keeps them focused on the task at hand when fickle minds begin to wander.

During Ruzazel’s initial attack on the Jade Serpent while traveling to Bratana, Haseya proved her worth by single-handedly slaying a bearded devil, but nearly died in the process.

During her stay in Bratana, Haseya had an especially difficult time adapting to the culture. She despised seeing people in slavery, and doubly hated being unable to do anything about it. She was quick to join the Butterfly when the opportunity came, but the prospect of war was something that made her nervous. Haseya found no allies amongst the Sand Circle druids, who were callous and cruel, but did find a ray of hope in controlling her rage in the Monastery of the Hungry Flame. Haseya has found herself at a crossroads of affection between two men: Moras Wolftongue and Standing Bear. She has chosen to play stupid to both of their advances instead of confronting the issue. Haseya also struggles with the heartache and loss that war brought, as well as the death of Krystof Kraus. Haseya was granted a gift by the owl-god Sjet himsef—a seed of creation.


Haseya of Sipaku

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