Herod Elwald

“Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble.”


Herold Elwald is a stubborn and outspoken young man of 16. He is fierce and surprisingly resilient. Herod is ashamed of his life as a human and wishes he had been born a dwarf. He is obsessed with dwarven culture and has glamorized it to the point of worship. He has grown what little stubble he can and attempted to braid it in typical dwarven fashion, with the end result looking more than a little ridiculous.

Herod harbors silent affection for fellow young militia guard Adlyth Bronarth, but despite his fearlessness has never had the ability to share his feelings with her.

Before the expeditions, Herod met two dwarves: Arnold and Heigard. He disparaged Arnold for not being dwarven enough and held up Heigard as the true dwarven ideal. Later he learned a valuable lesson from Arnold about strength coming from many places, a lesson he would take away from the harrowing experience of the Razorspire Mines.

During the assault, Herod and Adlyth stuck by each others’ sides. A romance seemed to bloom organically from this trauma, and a tentative and awkward relationship has begun now that both teenagers are back home safe in Dunezar. Adlyth seems quite taken with Herod, but has been outspoken with her disdain for “all that silly dwarf stuff.”

Herod was amongst the group that agreed to help Haseya find the Tongo thistle in the Tongo mountains.

Herod Elwald

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