Jon Treehill

“Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts... perhaps the fear of a loss of power.”


Jon Treehill was once the scion of a minor noble family from Realm. He abandoned his comfortable life to become a criminal and brigand in Molentius. This carefree life suited him, and his cruel and sadistic delights eventually earned him a reputation as an accomplished torturer.

Eventually, Jon was hired by the Brotherhood of Chains to become their ‘breaker,’ or the man who turns a sentient human being into nothing more than a broken, obedient object. Jon excelled at the job, but coveted the power of the Lord of Chains. He struck a bargain with Ruzazel, a demonic entity, to gain enough power to challenge Buzum, the Lord of Chains.

As luck would have it, adventurers would intercede and kill Buzum for him. Now unopposed, Jon took up the mantle of the Lord of Chains and lorded over the valley for a little over a week.

Luck would not be on Jon’s side, however, as he was captured in a retaliatory attack. His pleas of ransom to his family back home fell on deaf ears, and he was executed by Ubah Memburu under the watchful eye of Zafar Blackgrace.

Jon Treehill

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