Jorr Keber

A humble farmer and loving father from Dunezar.


Jorr Keber is a single father who is a simple, humble man. He distrusts those who are unlike him and tries mostly to stay out of trouble. A large part of this behavior comes from the fact that his wife was murdered when he trusted a group of men he hired as farmhands that turned out to be murderers and thieves.

Since his wife’s death, Jorr has worked hard to provide for his son, Leyne. The harvest this year was particularly fruitful, and he was able to afford to take his son to see his idol, Grok “The Croc” Grokson at Crocomania XXXVII.

Jorr encountered the heroes on the barge ride to Harubel. Although initially wary of the strangers, he recognized the kindness they showed to his son, and warmed to them somewhat.

Jorr was panic-stricken when Leyne turned up missing during the last night of Crocomania, but discovering that the heroes had helped find and rescue him solidified his trust and friendship with the group.

Jorr Keber

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