Jym Lestoy

“Business, you know, may bring money, but friendship hardly ever does.”


“Jungle” Jym Lestoy is a merchant who operates out of Dunezar. He runs a business called Jungle Jym’s Jungle Jymporium, where patrons can purchase all manner of supplies necessary for travel throughout the jungles.

Slimy, smarmy, and a quick-talker, Jym is always looking to make a deal or earn fast coin. His promises always seem too good to be true, and his demeanor is that of an unholy combination of a used car dealer and a door to door salesman.

Surprisingly, however, Jym’s patented products have yet to disappoint the group, and it has made repeat customers out of them thus far.

Favorite animal: Sheep
Favorite color: Teal
Favorite book: “Call of the Wight,” by Black Abandon
Favorite song: “Pictures of Secrets,” a popular Ordovan song
Favorite country: Ordova
Favorite food: Calamari

Jym Lestoy

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