Keve Kobrad

“Humility is, in a sense, admitting how egotistical you are.”


Keve Kobrad is the son of Yenon Kobrad, who serves as Boss Man Floriano Stricklen’s most trusted advisor. This position in the hierarchy of Dunezar has left Keve an arrogant, haughty, and foul young man who feels he is owed everything in life. He has only joined the militia to win the affections of a girl he fancies.

While not performing his obligations as a guardsman, Keve enjoys horseback riding in the areas around Dunezar. He is also fond of falconry, and owns his own falcon, a majestic bird of prey named Gavain.

Although it is too early to tell, it seems the journey into the Razorspire Mine and subsequent attack on the Valley of Chains has humbled Keve. He no longer speaks with an air of arrogance of superiority, and, much to the surprise and disappointment of his father, has made it clear to Zafar Blackgrace that he intends on becoming a full-time militia man in honor of the late Bannet Dofrey. It remains to be seen if this new Keve stays, or if the impudent child will return.

Keve was amongst the group that agreed to help Haseya find the Tongo thistle in the Tongo mountains.

Keve Kobrad

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