Leylam Mudeya

A guard of the Jungle Watch of Dunezar.


Leylam Mudeya was a man in his late 30’s. He suffered a particularly brutal stroke that caused him to have a permanent eye twitch, which many found unsettling or made conversation with Leylam difficult. Leylam was well-mannered and soft-spoken, as well as obedient to a fault.

Leylam was amongst the handful of militia men who volunteered to travel through the Razorspire Mine to defeat the slavers of the Valley of Chains. He was slain during the initial onslaught of the arachnid inhabitants of the Mines, having been eviscerated by a rapid succession of blows from a chitine warrior.

Leylam’s memory was later preserved by a memorial created by Tomren Hawich, along with Eza Nyafor and Bannet Dofrey.

Leylam Mudeya

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