Lyra Sprig

A powerful druid who recently took up leadership of the Black Circle in Molentius.


Lyra Sprig is a legend in her home nation of Ethova. She was an instrumental advisor and healer during the Redemption War, and her services earned her a leadership role in the Green Circle when the war was over.

Now in her late thirties, Lyra is still an exquisite beauty. Her personality and smile bring warmth and comfort wherever she goes, and she remains one of the finest healers ever to come out of the Green Circle. Lyra never married, being far too free-spirited to bind herself to just one person.

After a decade and a half of advising Throg and teaching young druids, Lyra was called upon by the Archdruid Throg to become the new leader of the Black Circle after its destruction at the hands of the Father of Worms. Despite being quietly unhappy about her relocation to the swamp, Lyra has accepted the position, seeking to do what is best for her order.

Lyra Sprig

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