Malory Fairgold

“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem.”


Malory Fairgold is the last surviving member of the Black Circle and the veterinarian for the Harubel menagerie. She is a curt woman with a dry sense of humor who places more value in animal life and scientific research than in humanity or society. As a result, Malory spends little time in the city of Harubel or even amongst her druidic brethren, but instead immerses herself in taking care of the animals of the menagerie.

Malory is a socially awkward introvert. She doesn’t like attention, and she doesn’t like having to talk to people. When the heroes met with Malory to ask about the Black Circle, she was reluctant to go with them, but knew it was her duty to follow up with her order. When asked by the archdruid to become the new leader of the Black Circle, Malory declined, explaining that she didn’t think she was equal to the task.

Malory did agree to help rebuild the Black Circle by repairing the buildings, burning or burying the bodies, and restocking supplies. She remains at the Circle for the time being but is eager to return to the menagerie in Harubel.

Malory Fairgold

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