Manwulf Wann

“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”


It would be difficult to encapsulate everything that is Herrmann Manwulf Freiderich Reinbach Hassehoff von Wann III in such a small space. Born from inauspicious beginnings, as such greatness usually is, Manwulf was born to a cattle rancher outside of the village of Meatcate in the lowlands of Batal. It was here that Manwulf would find his two lifelong friends and disciples: Leodolf Roltermann and Heigard Rauss.

At the tender age of 16, Manwulf took it upon himself to rid the community of a local band of hobgoblins who were playing the part of highway bandits. Dozens of hobgoblins fell to his mighty blows, but in the end, he was captured. Leodolf and Heigard then attempted a rescue mission to find Manwulf. After they had slain the captain of the bandits, Manwulf revealed the truth: the entire rescue mission had been a test to see who was worthy of becoming his greatest students. Awed by his wisdom, Leodolf and Heigard both bent their knee, swearing an oath of loyalty to forever follow Manwulf wherever he went.

It was then that Manwulf decided that he had outgrown Batal. He wanted to travel abroad, and his companions clamored to follow him. Despite his insistence that the world was far too dangerous, Leodolf and Heigard tagged along.

What followed was several decades of dangerous missions, exploits, and escapades. There was the time that Manwulf beat a hill giant within an inch of its life so Leodolf had half a chance of shooting it dead. There was another time that Manwulf bravely sacrificed his own well-being by intentionally activating a trap that also killed a gnoll that had been bearing down on Heigard. And there was that time when generous Manwulf charmed two lovely barmaids, only to selflessly point them in the direction of his traveling companions instead of taking them both in a manly fashion.

It was during these travels that Manwulf would visit the Shroudwald, and it was here that he met the love of his life: his most faithful and trusted companion, a boar who’s strength nearly matched that of mighty Manwulf Wann. He wrestled the beast for three days and four nights, and in the end, he was triumphant, having claimed dominance and mastery over the mighty boar. He named her Priscilla, and she has been his faithful guide and guard ever since. Despite being very close to Priscilla, Manwulf scoffs at the claims that he had ever done anything intimate with his boar companion. Mighty Manwulf Wann is above such depravities, no matter how tempting her swaying porcine hips may be.

Manwulf’s journeys led him south, into the jungles of Molentius. It was here that he found Rhyoulis, at the time only a naga hatchling, caught in a slaver’s net. The hatchling mewled impotently, and mighty Manwulf took pity on the creature. Normally beasts of evil and malice, Rhyoulis grew up to be benevolent under Manwulf’s watchful eye. It was Manwulf who decided that Rhyoulis should dedicate its life to reclaiming the Darkwald from the Opha. It was Manwulf who came up with the idea for the Hunter’s Take guild. Brave, fair, humble Manwulf was begged to be the leader, but he declined, saying he would much rather continue adventuring with Priscilla. Leodolf reluctantly took up the role of leader in his stead, and Manwulf assured him that he would do an adequate job.

In recent events, Manwulf ate a bad batch of egg salad and has been taken out of commission for an indeterminate period of time.

Manwulf Wann

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