Misae of Sipaku

"Well-behaved women seldom make history."


Misae of Sipaku is one of Haseya of Sipaku’s closest friends, the younger sister of Winona of Sipaku, and the youngest daughter of Chieftan Telokete of Sipaku. Misae was among the number of wood elves who accompanied Haseya into Molentius to find a cure for their people. When Haseya was captured to protect the elves, Misae felt she owed it to her friend to return to Molentius and ensure her safety.

Misae is, at her heart, a very good person. She seeks to do the right thing, and loathes seeing people abuse power or take advantage of those who do not have it. Unfortunately for Misae, she has a mouth that speaks faster than her mind can control and a tongue as sharp as most swords. This cockiness, in addition to her skillset of sneaking around and breaking into places she ought not go, has given her quite a reputation as a scoundrel and a rogue; traits unbecoming of a chieftan’s daughter, but traits that Telokete secretly admires nonetheless.

Misae is still trying to adjust to being a stranger in a strange land. She has mixed feelings about all of her group members except for Haseya, upon whom she knows she can always trust. It remains to be seen how Misae will impact the party, but her skills and combat strength will no doubt be an aid.

Misae quickly found her place in the group, proving herself in her first excursion with them into the Jade Ziggurat. She has become quick friends with Arnold the dwarven bard and is on friendly terms with Taegon, and, of course, Haseya, with whom she is dear and close friends. Her relationship with Tomren has been fairly cold, but the two of them have made repeated attempts to set their differences aside and begin to find common ground. Haseya has had little interaction with Ubah one-on-one.

Misae had a dream in which she encountered an entity who appeared as a donkey. She calls this entity ‘Donkey,’ or sometimes ‘Barry,’ though Donkey seemed to hate that name. This entity told Misae that she wasn’t special, which angered her. Donkey claims he wants to help her become as special as her friends, but says she’s going to have to work for it and forge her own destiny. Currently, Misae is unsure what this means, and continues to travel with her friends.

Misae’s time in Bratana was a time of self discovery as well as frustration. She befriended Narida sil-Ghaznavi, who formed a crush on Misae that was unrequited; she also met Eskandar za-Tavana, who Misae was quite taken by. Tensions grew between Misae and Tomren when Tomren accepted a contract to bring in a non-hostile sorcerer that ended up being a child, which Misae stood against ardently. Finally, it was in Bratana that Jadeflame left Ubah’s side and became one with Misae, making her an official Pathseeker at last.

By the conclusion of their stay in Bratana, Misae had accepted an unexpected turn of events: feelings had developed for her fellow traveling companion, Taegon Brighteyes. She turned down Eskandar’s advances and has made steady progress with Taegon, who returns feelings for Misae. Although there isn’t a true relationship there yet, feelings have been expressed and a relationship has gradually begun to develop.

Misae of Sipaku

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