Beasts for Peace's stoic drummer.


Of all the members of Beasts for Peace, Mongo is perhaps the most unsubtle and unrefined. While all of the low races tend toward savagery, it is almost impossible to remove from an ogre.

Fortunately for the world, Mongo was born different. Some high races might call him slow, or mentally impaired. For an ogre, it merely means he never grew that instinct to kill and devour everything he encounters. Mongo remains as innocent as a kitten.

Still more curious is that Mongo has emerged as a savant; vestiges of that savagery do linger, but instead of the desire to bash heads, Mongo has the desire to bash drums. While Mongo can barely speak, he is an extremely talented drummer.

Crueler folks in the world like to mock and torture Mongo, but Cal and the gang treat him like their giant younger brother and would fight to the death to keep him safe, if necessary.


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