Nichol Farlock

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”


Nichol Farlock, who prefers to just be called ‘Farlock,’ is a peppy, fast-talking halfron who plies his trade as a ferryman up and down the Kipi River in Molentius. He prides himself in being one of only four boats capable of making its way upriver. The heroes discovered his secret through sheer curiosity—he has an animal companion, a pleisiosaur named Princess which he discovered in the loch of Atla years ago.

Although briefly agitated that his secret was revealed to these strangers, it built a strange sort of trust between him and them. Farlock has since taken a liking to the group and hopes to ferry them back to Dunezar on their return voyage when their business in Harubel is finished.

Nichol Farlock

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