Professor Geldimbrag

Professor of Magical Biology at Dunezar University.


Professor Weldimbar Geldimbrag is a huffy, self-important gnome with no time or patience for anyone outside of the world of academia. Despite being a professor in a backwater city in a nation of villains and scoundrels, Professor Geldimbrag takes his position very seriously, as well as the needs of his students.

It was Professor Geldimbrag who Tomren confronted with the couatl brain. The anomaly caught Geldimbrag’s curiosity, and, when he contacted a colleague at the Imperial Academy, the Valorous Family intervened and confiscated the brain. It was at this time Geldimbrag’s humility showed, as he apologized to Tomren and admitted this wasn’t his intended result.

Although no further communication or interaction has been made with Professor Geldimbrag since, it is safe to assume he has continued his duties as professor of magical biology.

Professor Geldimbrag

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