A strange new world.

Norday, 4 Greysky, 6935 EY: The two artificial creatures, which introduce themselves as Tumbleweed and Arbitrary, offer to give Tomren and his companions a ride to "Sanctuary." They power up a futuristic vehicle that moves at speeds thought impossible by the group previously. The rest of the day is spent in travel.

Venday, 5 Greysky, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers arrive in Sanctuary, a dilapidated and ruined futuristic city now inhabited by these robotic creatures. They are taken immediately to the "executors," who turn out being the same type of creatures only their heads have been replaced by preserved human heads in jars. These executors, named Pinch, Best, and Balcony, welcomed Tomren, but questioned him on many of the secrets of the Makers. These were clearly questions Tomren didn't have answers to, but he was successfully able to buy time by hopping on the Tomb of the Makers when it was mentioned, and the executors agreed to allow him and his companions to explore it.

Within the Tomb of the Makers, the Pathseekers found many holographic projections by the hierophants of ages past that spoke the history of the warforged and how long they have waited for humans to return to Paribaia. The group also discovered tanks containing partially-preserved remains of long-dead humans. They surmised that these tanks once held people either in stasis or dead bodies in preservation, but the power source had long ago failed.

Eventually, after fighting a variety of guardians and sentinels, the group discovered something surprising—a simulacrum of Taeron Stareyes, the Shining Zultan. Taegon's grandfather had claimed Lexarfel, the Path of Salvation, and was in charge of the Flaming Scale Horde. Taeron also claimed to have killed the inhabitants of Elm Shaeras, including Taegon's mother, and forced the group to fight their skeletal remains. 

Oathday, 7 Greysky, 6935 EY: The group emerged from the Tomb with more questions than answers, and Tomren had to return to the executors empty-handed. Executor Balcony declared Tomren a 'false Maker' and called for his execution, and Executor Best was inclined to agree. Executor Pinch talked the men down and the three agreed to allow the group to flee in exile.

On their way out, they were approached by Tumbleweed, who made the point that they had no way of returning home. He had an idea and asked them to wait for him. The group agreed, and Tumbleweed showed up with a massive power core and refused to answer questions. He swiftly drove them back to the teleportation shrine, when Haseya noticed that there were warforged pursuing them. As they arrived at the shrine, Tumbleweed begged everyone to go inside as he and Arbitrary plugged in the power core. 

Before Tumbleweed and Arbitrary could do so, however, the executors and warforged army caught up with them. As the executors called for the death of the intruders, the warforged slowly began to disobey the orders of the executors, siding instead with the Pathseekers, claiming that Tomren may not have been what they were expecting out of the Makers, but he was a Maker nonetheless, and they would stand with the Makers. The executors and their few loyal units made a quick retreat, and the several hundred warforged that remained behind pledged their service to Tomren and the Pathseekers. 

As the group used the teleporter to return back to Meren Shaeras, Nadia was horrified to see the number of bodies coming through the portal at once. This manner of teleportation magic was unsuitable for such large numbers, and it caused a massive explosion that killed a great number of the warforged. Those who remained made Tumbleweed and Arbitrary their leaders, and swore to return to the Makers' Realm. 

The Pathseekers spoke to Nadia about the Flaming Scale Horde marching on Casalini, but it was evident she already knew, as she was rousing and rallying her troops. She told the Pathseekers she feared that the might of the eladrin and the shifters wouldn't be enough to stand against the fire genasi and the dragonborn. The aasimar were too lofty and arrogant to come down from on high to help and the genasi would not fight their brethren, so she suggested the Pathseekers help by turning to one of the other potential allies: the goliath of Agravaya, the tiefling of Xylenthine, or the apocra of Virandis. The group agreed to split up to maximize their potential of recruiting allies. Tomren and Phala went to Kel'Shangra, the capital of Agravaya, to meet with the goliath; Arnold and Misae went to Kalanda, capital of Xylenthine, to meet with the tiefling; and Tomren and Haseya went to Alsoon, a nearby apocran settlement, to speak with the waspfolk.

The Return to Novus
Home sweet home

[Editor's note: Several pages were missing from Master Freuenberger's journal here. A few remained intact but were so stained with a mixture of what appeared to be ale and vomit that they were rendered unreadable. The contents of this portion of the journal have sadly been lost to what must have been a night of intense carousing. However, from what we can glean, the Pathseekers forged an alliance of the peoples of Goranth and stood against the armies of the dragonborn and the fire genasi and came out the victors.]

Oathday, 14 Greysky, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers are magically teleported back to Novus via the powers of Nadia DuFey. They take along with them Eskandar za-Tavana, Tumbleweed, Arbitrary, Gakpit, Vettorio Barbamachollo, Kundang of the Cloth, and Coventina Cherryblossom, as well as a sizable contingency of warforged. Most are happy to see them returned as they feared them dead. Chumani insists on a full check-up, and Zafar requests a report. Narida finally confesses to Arnold her infidelity with Standing Bear, which Arnold seems unphased by. Narida remains insistent that they maintain an open relationship, feeling unworthy of Arnold's dedication.

Lorday, 15 Greysky, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers begin to plan their next move. They learn that the Green Circle is ready to conduct the Tribunal on the Sand Circle and decide that is their next move. A number of missions are available for investigation in Callandria, and the group wishes to have them explored, but many of the individuals they rely on are absent from Shizuma Castle, searching the world for where the Pathseekers had gone. After some discussion, the Pathseekers agree to wait a few days for these individuals to return.

Arday, 16 Greysky, 6935 EY: Misae receives a letter from Telokete explaining the nature of Nicnevin, the Oiche Baugh, and how she should not use the title Oiche Baugh as it alerts the fey creature every time it is uttered. Misae is then talked into traveling to Belaguardia via Nadia's teleporter to find shark jaw bones with Tomren. Misae and Tomren discover a shope called "Niska's Curiosities," which is filled with bones and necromantic items. Niska himself is a very creepy tiefling with a perverse obsession with the undead—Tomren quickly purchases his shark bones and leaves.

Truday, 17 Greysky, 6935 EY: Haseya is abruptly visited by Archdruid Throg of the Green Circle, who tree strides directly into her grove. He growls about not wanting to wait two and a half weeks and gives her a tree stride scroll specifically attuned for Moras. He tells her she can take her time, but not to take TOO long. Haseya sheepishly apologizes and takes the scroll. After discussing it with her allies, they agree to wait three more days.

Venday, 19 Greysky, 6935 EY: Although the day prior passed uneventfully, Fala of Sipaku returned to the castle on this day. She was happy to see the group and was amused by the name similarities between her and Phala.

Taursday, 20 Greysky, 6935 EY: No longer comfortable with keeping the Archdruid waiting, the group decides to use the tree stride spell to travel to Bratana. Zafar, Eskandar, Sebba, and Moras accompany them on their travel, as well as Beasts for Peace, Chumani of Sipaku, and Berilar, who have business in the southern reaches of the neighboring nation of Dalorene. The Pathseekers now await the beginning of the Tribunal of the Sand Circle.

Bratana Revisited
The Pathseekers visit the Kingdom of the Sun.

Taursday, 20 Greysky, 6935 EY: The Sand Circle Tribunal. Archdruid Throg, along with Lyra Sprig and Asante of Clan Kima, assembled to serve as the tribunal who would judge Daphissa Beestinger for her actions. After hearing testimony from the sand circle archdruid and an impassioned speech by Haseya, Throg made his judgment clear: a trial by combat to determine who was fit by "natural selection." Throg then fought Daphissa in a combat that lasted approximately six seconds, wherein Daphissa was killed by a single flame strike and rhino charge. Throg then appointed Sebba Kurtbach as the new archdruid, but she declined the honor, explaining she had sworn an oath to watch the grove at Shizuma Castle. The collected druids then voted on a new archdruid and decided on Sift il-Abreen, who said she was committed to maintaining the old sand circle traditions, but taking it in a less zealous direction than her predeccesor had.

Oathday, 21 Greysky, 6935 EY: After traveling to and staying the night at the Pahlavi farmstead, the Pathseekers had breakfast with Abbas and Osra al-Pahlavi, the old goat-herding couple with whom they had become friends. Abbas told the group of Farzad za-Qaedi, a renegade noble who has proclaimed himself the "zultan of the sun" and instigated a full-blown civil war in Bratana to rebel against Zultana Mitra sha-Najafi and her new policies giving equality to women and abolishing slavery. Abbas also knew about the efreeti visiting people on the roads, saying that the claims were that they only approached those who looked rich and powerful. With help from Arnold, and being sure to brandish what artifacts they had recovered, the group took to the road to Karna. Three hours outside the great city they were intercepted by a pair of efreeti who invited them to the Interdimensional Tournament in the City of Brass, hosted by a fire elemental noble named Lady Kaxaga the Everburning, said to be the niece of the Grand Sultana of the City of Brass. The efreeti did not give the group a means to travel to the City of Brass and this was filed under "future problems."

Lorday, 22 Greysky, 6935 EY: The group met with Zultana Mitra sha-Najafi, Zafar, Eskandar, and Narida, and discussed the current sociopolitical environment in Bratana. While there, they received a magical message from Berilar requesting their presence in the Dalorenian city of Garnet, as things had apparently become more complicated there. Although the group offered their assistance with dealing with za-Qaedi and his men, the sun elves were insistent that this was a problem they needed to handle themselves. Zafar and Eskandar stayed with the zultana, while Narida traveled with the group to Garnet. That evening, on the shores of the salty Sea of Meshidyas, the Pathseekers had a rare opportunity to unwind and went swimming, played water games, and rode on Haseya's back as she beast-shaped into a plesiosaur. 

Arday, 23 Greysky, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers continued westward, toward the nation of Dalorene. A few hours outside of the city of Khariib, Haseya received a magical message from Sir Roland stating that the Dragon Emperor Fang Peng Roc had ordered them to assist with a battle that had broken out at the Dragonsguard—that the Empire of Man had breached the great wall at last and the soldiers of Sarenul were making a stand. Frustrated and worried, the group decided to continue on to Dalorene for now, resolving to find a way to return home as soon as possible.

While in Khariib, the Pathseekers saw the handiwork of za-Qaedi's men in three women, ostensibly former slaves, who had been beaten and executed and now hung from a makeshift gallows in the center of town. It took both Misae and Haseya to calm down Narida, and the group made their way out of the city as hastily as possible.

While on the road to Za Hajar and Dalorene beyond, the Pathseekers passed by a fellow traveler. To Misae's shock, it appeared to be her dead mother, Otekah. This shock lasted only for a moment, as Misae was quick to identify the individual as Ruzazel, the demon who had been stalking the Pathseekers from afar. Taegon used his divine sense to confirm this, and Ruzazel dropped his guise, launching an attack on the Pathseekers.


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