The Mysterious Murder of Miss Julie Johnson
I still can't believe you did that.

A very detailed description of these days was written but then lost during a power outage, so this update will be uncharacteristically brief.

Venday, 16 Deadtree, 6934 EY: Group meets with Zafar, told to speak with Krystof Kraus. Zafar agrees to accompany group to Bratana. Krystof met and allowed to come with group to Bratana despite reservations about his 14-year-old granddaughter being left alone to run his shop.

Taursday, 17 Deadtree, 6934 EY: Primarily downtime waiting for Manora to return. Haseya and Misae write messages home. Haseya dreams of a giant crystal that warns her of "the Eye."

Oathday, 18 Deadtree, 6934 EY: Manora arrives successful from her mission. A majority of the Dunezar conflicts are resolved, at least temporarily.

Lorday, 19 Deadtree, 6934 EY: The group aheads out with Zafar and Krystof in tow aboard Farlock's barge. They meet another passenger, Ileena Bayle, who is traveling to Sarenul to consult with oracles to determine where her missing son has gone.

Arday, 20 Deadtree, 6934 EY: The barge makes a pit stop in the city of Zelgaruk to sell some cargo and bring on more cargo. Haseya, Misae and Arnold, curious about all of the missing children, goes to the Imperial outpost to find documentation. Arnold fucking kills an innocent woman. Misae and Arnold are imprisoned, and Tomren has to use his authority as a justicar while Haseya used her shapeshifting skills as a druid to get them freed. The group returns to the Indigo Blade Inn, where they rest and (hopefully) plan a quick escape in the morning. Misae has a dream about a donkey who tells her she isn't special but he wants to help make her special and forge her own destiny.

Lost in Port Siraston
The ninth largest city in Pryme is kind of a shit hole...

Truday, 21 Deadtree, 6934 EY: The group made a quick exit out of Eruk early in the morning. They learned that a new passenger had joined the Mistress—a hunter named Midolf Parimir. Although initially suspicious of this new passenger, it quickly became apparent that Midolf was what he seemed. The group made it to Eruk that day, and for the first time saw the Dragonsguard, the giant wall that separates Sarenul from the rest of the Great Continent.

Norday, 22 Deadtree, 6934 EY: The group spent a pleasant day exploring Eruk. Haseya and Misae encountered a troop of heibai riders, and Tomren bought a woven relic. The entire group explored an art museum that held many artifacts of the conflict between Realm and Sarenul. That evening, pretty much everyone but Zafar, Ubah and Haseya shacked up with a random stranger.

Venday, 23 Deadtree, 6934 EY: The group spent the day traveling to Matutu. During this time, Taegon confronted Arnold about killing the woman back in Zelgaruk. Arnold attempted to defend himself, explaining it was an accident and that he felt awful about it. He tried to lighten the mood by using the rod of wonder, but ended up getting the group stuck in a pit of butter. They arrived in Matutu that evening and spent the night there.

Taursday, 24 Deadtree, 6934 EY: In the morning, Misae and Tomren paid to scrawl a message on the Dragonsguard, and then the group continued onward to Port Siraston. The journey was mostly uneventful; Misae flirted with the wall guards, and Tomren spoke to Krystof about magic and his time as a collector for the Yellow Tower.

Oathsday, 25 Deadtree, 6934 EY: Another relatively uneventful day of travel on the way to Port Siraston. Discussion was had with Zafar about his horse, which caused him to become very guarded and attempted to divert attention from himself. Tomren received another assignment to bring in a sorcerer named Ka'theres Moonstalker.

Lorday, 26 Deadtree, 6934 EY: The group finally arrived in Port Siraston. When Zafar identified himself as "Zafar za-Farahani" to the gate guard, he was pulled aside. Zafar instructed the group to go on without him and he would find them; Krystof offered to stay with Zafar and check the horses and the wagon. The group was immediately approached by three men: Vitus Armuski, a brusque dwarf who offered to be the city guide at a high price; Connelly Faraday, a jittery young human man who offered a much lower price but seemed inexperienced; and Swift Wind, an articulate and polite wood elf who appealed to Haseya and Misae, offering his services for a reasonable fee. After some discussion, the group agreed to go with Swift Wind.

Quickly, it became apparent that Swift Wind was actually a bandit, and lured the group into an ambush in Corso, a corvo neighborhood known for its crime and brutality. The group made quick work of Swift Wind's minions, but the wood elf himself got away, much to the anger of the group, particularly Misae, who felt personally betrayed.

The group was now hopelessly lost in Port Siraston. Haseya flew up but the enormous city nearly made her nauseous. She was able to determine that the docks were to the south before she retreated back to land. The group wandered for a while, ending up in the Guild District. Here, they encountered a strange shop called the Rainbow Rat. Tomren begged for them to go in, where they discovered it was a shop where one could buy a dyed and taxidermied giant rat, put into a pose, and dressed in clothing of the buyer's choice. Tomren purchased a rat dyed black in a dancing pose dressed as a wizard. Haseya was weirded out by this. Misae bought a tiny hat to put on Haseya when she was in hawk form, much to Haseya's dismay.

The group eventually found their way to the docks but were unable to find an inn. An elderly felice woman agreed to help give them directions if they patronized her, as she was a fortune teller. The group agreed and had their fortunes read, then the woman pointed them to the White Hart Inn—one of the only reputable establishments in Port Siraston. There, the group waited for the arrival of Zafar and Krystof so they could plan their next move.

Demons in the Night
Things get heated on the Emerald Serpent

Arday, 27 Deadtree, 6934 EY:  The group decides to tackle Tomren's justicar bounty to bring in Ka'theres Moonstalker. Zafar accompanies the group on this mission. Ka'theres ends up being a phoenix-soul sorcerer who is an accomplished spellcaster and nearly kills the party, but Zafar is able to render him unconscious, and Tomren claims his bounty. After the fight, Ubah makes it clear to Tomren that he will no longer accompany him on justicar missions. Tomren, unwilling to force anyone to help him, says he understands.

Truday, 28 Deadtree, 6934 EY: The group meets with Ara Jakata, the captain of the Emerald Serpent, who has agreed to ferry the crew across the Angan ocean for a reasonable fee. The ship sets sail that day, and the adventure on the seas begins.

Norday, 29 Deadtree, 6934 EY: The ship continues sailing southward. The group attracts the attention of an immense dragon turtle, the guardians of the shores of Sarenul, who swims alongside the ship for several tense hours before losing interest and drifting back to the Sarenulian shore.

Venday, 30 Deadtree, 6934 EY: An uneventful but pleasant day of travel. Misae gets her tan on.

Taursday, 31 Deadtree, 6934 EY: Another uneventful but pleasant day, but in the evening, the group is ambushed by a gang of five bearded devils and a bone devil who have been sent by Ruzazel to claim Jadeflame from Ubah. Ubah resists the demons and fights them, but is severely injured in the encounter. The devils say this was a warning and that next time Ubah had better be prepared to surrender his weapon. Haseya kills a bearded devil by herself, but nearly dies in the process. Zafar turns on Ubah, infuriated that Haseya, who has become a close friend to Zafar, nearly died, when Ubah only a few days ago expressed a certain amount of cowardice in helping his friends with their troubles. Zafar and Ubah have a brief but fiery argument before Zafar turns his attention to healing Haseya. Misae stays up all night watching over her friend, making sure she recovers.

Oathday, 1 Whitefall, 6934 EY: A day of recovery and awkward silence amongst the group. Haseya receives a letter. Otherwise, an uneventful day of sailing and travel.

Lorday, 2 Whitefall, 6934 EY: A crystalline dragon is spotted portside of the ship and Ara Jakata calls everyone up to see it. He explains the goldrak, or crystalline dragons, are wardens of the oceans and open waters. The group admires the dragon for some time, until a megalodon frightens the dragon out of the water. The dragon attempts to escape, but the attempt is futile; the massive shark catches the dragon out of the air, dragging it underwater for a meal.

Arday, 3 Whitefall, 6934 EY: An uneventful day of sailing to Bratana; the weather becomes more arid.

Truday, 4 Whitefall, 6934 EY: Land is spotted around 1 in the afternoon. By three, the ship has landed safely in Samsandi, gateway to Bratana. Zafar explains that he is leaving the group to ride ahead to Karna to assess the situation and hopefully grease some wheels. The group explores Samsandi, looking for supplies or sight seeing. Arnold encounters a beautiful flower girl and buys out her entire stock; in exchange, he receives a kiss, and a curious memento: an amethyst pin in the shape of a butterfly.

New allies found, and new plans are formed.

Norday, 5 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The day was spent exploring Samsandi. The group converted their gold to electrum, Arnold bought hot weather clothing for the group, and Tomren and Krystof visited the Tomb of Mhal'kazet. 

Venday, 6 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group left early in the morning, having an altercation with an abusive noble on the outskirts of town who was treating his wood elven slave very poorly. This soured Haseya's mood for the remainder of the journey to Karna. The rest of the day was spent traveling to Jasserah, where the group arrived late in the evening.

Taursday, 7 Whitefall, 6934 EY: After making a quick visit to the Pario Moska, the group left Jasserah to continue their voyage south to Karna. They began to see the temples and crypts in the Valley of the Zultan to the west. Tomren begged for a detour but was shot down.

Oathday, 8 Whitefall, 6934 EY: Travel to Karna continued. During this day, the group passed by the Tomb of the Shining Zultan, and Krystof explained that it housed the remains of an "albino" sun elf who had went mad and was reviled by the sun elves.

Lorday, 9 Whitefall, 6934 EY: More travel to Karna. On this day the group encountered a human apothecary named Godwin Stafford who was relieved to see fellow outlanders. He was desperate to return home to his wife and sick sister, and the group bought enough of his merchandise to pay his way back home.

Arday, 10 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group arrived in Karna around noon on this day and were immediately taken in by its beauty and the wonders it contained. They bought a horribly translated guide to the city and a map. Their first stop was the Falcon's Perch Inn, where they discovered that Zafar had already purchased rooms for them. They then traveled to the Library of Sjet, and were disappointed to find out that it was only a single, simple tower. They were required to fill out forms that included a waiver of liability, which aroused much suspicion. Finally, they were given small discs that would light up when it was their turn to enter the library.

At this point, the group split up, except for Taegon and Haseya, who explored the city together. Each had their own little mini adventure, described below:

Tomren: Tomren visited the theater district, where he saw the Dancing Djinn, one of the twelve wonders of Karna, and was magically photographed next to it. He was present during the arrival of a foreign dignitary from Realm; an individual of great importance: a member of the Valorous Family. Finally, Tomren received another justicar mission, this time taking him back north to Jasserah.

Taegon: As Taegon traveled with Haseya, he noticed more and more elderly and wealthy sun elves mutter at him, or spit at him, or stare at him with hostility. Eventually, an old elven woman explained to Taegon that he looked like the Shining Zultan. It was revealed that the Shining Zultan was actually an outsider with glowing eyes who was obsessed with accumulating knowledge and eventually went mad. He was entombed with his followers and the knowledge he had accumulated because the sun elves believe it was the knowledge that drove him mad. Taegon learned that the Shining Zultan's name was Taerah ur-Stariiz, and that his long lost grandfather's name—Taeron Stareyes—could not be coincidence.

Arnold: Arnold did indeed have an adventure, but it will be chronicled at a later date.

Haseya: Seething over Misae sneaking off without saying anything, Haseya explored the city with Taegon. Her first encounter was with a wealthy sun elven nobleman and his spoiled son who wanted his father to purchase Ahiga. Haseya politely declined, even when the man offered 5,000 gold pieces for the fox. At this point the man became verbally hostile, shouting epithets and throwing up rude gestures. Haseya held her temper, but as the merchant walked away, another elf approached, this one clad in orange robes and with a bald head. He said he was called Razeer al-Wahl, and that he was a monk of the Hungry Flame. Razeer claimed to be able to see Haseya's inner rage, and that Haseya had wanted to kill the man. Haseya denied the claim, but Razeer insisted upon it. He told Haseya that she was a perfect candidate for his order, and suggested that she seek out the Monastery of the Hungry Flame, south of the Scorpion Wastes.

Later, Haseya and Taegon walked by an alleyway where a handful of urchins were kicking a vulture. Haseya scared the children away, and the vulture, to her surprise, spoke: "Sand Circle. Trouble. Send help." Taegon healed the bird and it flew away, but Haseya knew that going to the Sand Circle was a priority.

Misae: Misae snuck away from the rest of the group, tired of being treated as a child that needed to be monitored at all times. She visited the market district, enjoying the Verdant Square. When she encountered an ice cream vendor, she was quick to try to purchase some—but a tall, handsome sun elven man interrupted, insisting that he pay for her instead. The man introduced himself as Eskandar za-Tavana, and proved to be quite charming. He commented on Misae's beauty, and suggested they get tea sometime. Misae agreed to the date, but before further plans could be made, Eskandar was called away by a magical message from his employer—the Lord of Servitude, who oversees the slave trade in Karna.

That evening, Misae was returning to the Falcon's Perch when she was approached by a man who looked at her as a commodity. He offered 5000 electrum for her and asked who her master was. Misae was quickly getting angry and worried when a sun elven woman swooped in, smacking her across the face and shouting at her for wandering off. The elven man identified this new woman as "Kamaria," and the woman quickly ushered Misae away.

Kamaria apologized for hitting Misae and asked her if she was with "Ubah, Arnold, Tomren and Taegon." Confused, Misae said yes. Kamaria then said she had people she needed to introduce Misae to, and led her away.

Ubah: Ubah was taken in by the moskas of the Parandur. He found himself in a moska devoted to Reti, the ostrich-god of healing and protection. There, he asked many questions of the priests, who eventually suggested to Ubah that he visit Aya Jasheed al-Atar in Khariib.

When the group assembled in the evening, they were worried to discover that Arnold and Misae had not made it back to the inn, and Zafar had yet to check in. The proprietor of the inn informed the group that they had been left a note. This note gave instructions on how to find a secret hideaway where an anonymous individual said they wished to discuss a business proposal, and not to wait for their friends.

The group apprehensively followed the instructions, which led them to the Mouse and Oyster Pub. Here, they found a secret staircase that led underground. What they discovered was indeed a secret hideout—the secret headquarters of the Butterfly, a resistance movement seeking revolution in Bratana.

Immediately, the group recognized Beasts for Peace playing on the stage here, and that the band was accompanied by Arnold. Dancing on one of the tables was Misae and a new friend she and Arnold had made—the flower girl from Samsandi, whose name was Narida sil-Ghaznavi.

Zafar came up to the group and apologized profusely for not contacting them sooner. He dodged questions about himself to introduce the group to the leaders of the Butterfly: Kamara sha-Aridus, and Mitra sha-Najafi. Mitra was an older woman who had a sharp tongue and a clever wit, while Kamaria was very focused and business-oriented. Kamaria explained that the group were known in Karna and considered heroes by the Butterfly because of their exploits in Molentius and the destruction of the Brotherhood of Chains. This act caused a destabilization in the slave trade that the Butterfly hopes to capitalize on to begin their revolution in earnest. The group agreed to help the Butterfly with their movement, and Kamaria explained that they weren't on a strict time table—that remaining unpredictable in their timing was actually an advantage—and that the sands of Bratana would test each and every member of the party in some way and that hopefully these tests would lead the group to allies that would aid the Butterfly.

Misae tried to mend things with Haseya, but Haseya was still furious at her friend. Narida tried to get Misae to sneak out for more fun, but Misae declined, explaining that she couldn't risk Haseya becoming more angry.

Haseya was the first to meet Theletos, a bizarre creature made mostly of crystal but with four spindly arms that separated into eight total hands. The creature communicated via envisaging, giving Haseya mental imagery such as a dove in flight, a child holding out a flower, and a purring kitten. Despite the creature's horrifically odd appearance, its innocent nature endeared it to Haseya. Kamaria approached and explained that the creature just showed up one day, but it had been giving images of breaking chains and freeing slaves, so she thinks it wants to help and has allowed it to remain.

Arnold tried to use the rod of wonder during Haseya and Misae's heart-to-heart speech, but Narida appeared and took the rod away from Arnold, bopping him on the head with it and tucking it away between her breasts. Arnold was stunned when the rod did not return to him as it normally did.

Tomren had a reunion with Emanaya, the felice warlock who helped the group escape initial captivity in the Valley of Chains. It was mixed emotions for Tomren, who was wary of Emanaya's warlock nature but enjoyed her personality. Emanaya explained that she was hear to help the revolution, because she believed in freedom. After a back and forth about using magic "to kill," Emanaya suggested a walk. The two walked the hallways of the Butterfly's underground hideout until they were alone. Emanaya suggested that Tomren had a darkness inside of him and that she could feel it. Tomren continually said he didn't know what she was talking about until Emanaya moved her hand from Tomren's chest to his face, causing his skin to become pallid and his cheekbones to sink in. Tomren quickly pushed her hand away, returning life to his face. Emanaya made the suggestion that Tomren could be rid of this "darkness" if he took a patron. Tomren flatly denied, saying he would not be thrall to another power. Emanaya argued that he was already a thrall—a thrall to the Towers, a thrall to the Empire, and a thrall to death—and then walked away, leaving Tomren to stew in anger and frustration.

With a large handful of missions and leads to pursue, the group agreed that the top priority was helping the Sand Circle druids, who sounded as if they were in trouble. Haseya wanted to leave immediately, but was talked into resting for the night by a concerned Zafar. Taegon, Haseya, and Misae returned to the Falcon's Perch Inn, and the group rested after a very long day.

The Sand Circle isn't everything the group expects it to be.

Truday, 11 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group leaves Karna early in the morning to head south to find the Sand Circle. As sunlight wanes, the group encounters a friendly goat herder named Abbas who invites them to stay at his farmstead overnight in exchange for helping him with his chores. Abbas and his wife Ozra feed the group and Abbas regales them with stories from his adventuring days. He gives them a handful of trinkets and potions he has kept as mementos of those days hoping that they will come in handy for the group's future endeavors.

Norday, 12 Whitefall, 6934 EY: Walking through the wilderness of the Bratanan deserts south of the Gypparra mountain range, the group eventually discovers an enormous sandstorm. Althoug initially worried that this natural disaster would move their way, Tomren studies it from afar to see if it is moving. As he discerns that it is remaining still, Haseya knows instinctively that that is where the Sand Circle Grove is hidden.

The group enters into the sandstorm, where they manage for a while, but eventually lose Misae, who collapses and fades from vision. Arnold is swept away by the powerful winds. Haseya desperately tries to keep everyone together by tying rope. Ubah and Taegon both lose consciousness, and Haseya attempts to pull them out of the storm, but eventually gives in to the fury of the storm. Tomren is the only one standing and makes a desperate dash for the eye of the storm. He nearly makes it, but finally loses strength and consciousness.

The group awakens to find they are being cared for by a dwarven druid. A tall, muscular sun elven woman enters the mud hut they are in and introduces herself as Sift il-Abreen, demanding to know what the group is doing in the Sand Circle. The group is confused, as they had been under the impression that the Sand Circle needed help. Sift arrogantly explains that the Sand Circle is composed of only the fittest and finest druids in the world and would never have need to 'call for help.' She offers to let the group meet the archdruid, which Haseya initially declines. Sift responds by calling it the cowardly way, and Haseya gets pissed and agrees to meet the archdruid.

The group is led into the Sand Circle's heart-tree, which is a gargantuan cactus that has been hollowed out and used as a place to house the majority of the druids here. Walking a spiral staircase all the way to the top, they end up in a lounge room occupied by a gnomish woman with wild green hair curled up with an enormous clouded leopard. Sift introduces the group to the gnome, who is named Archdruidess Daphissa Beestinger. Daphissa is just as arrogant and haughty as her subordinates, and quickly puts to rest any notion that the Sand Circle needs help. Sift mentions that perhaps this confusion has to do with "that human druid" who came through a few weeks ago. Daphissa is furious that Sift has spoken out of turn, but is trapped by the group who demand to know what's going on.

Daphissa explains that Moras came through, and he was sent on a trial to prove himself. She refuses to tell the group where they sent him unless they can prove their strength by receiving a venomscar tattoo. Many of the group volunteer for this task, but because Arnold seems the most eager, he is chosen first. Because of his dwarven resilience, Arnold takes the venomscar tattoo without losing consciousness. Daphissa seems angry, but is true to her word, and tells the group that she sent Moras to Karamezra to steal a gyppa egg.

The group set out immediately southward to find Karamezra, making their way through the mountainous terrain of Gypparra. Eventually, it becomes obvious they will not find the city before nightfall, and they set up camp. Tomren has a dream where he meets a talking crow named Lot. 

During Misae's night watch, the ground begins to rumble and quake. Misae moves to be at the ready just as an enormous dune worm burrows through the rock and knocks down Haseya's tent, attempting to eat the woman inside. Another dune worm attacks Tomren in his tent, and a battle ensues with the group exiting the victor.

As the group huddles and patches up their wounds, they are suddenly visited by a half-dozen winged scavengers. These gyppa, vulturefolk, work quickly to hack into the savory meats of the freshly-killed dune worms. They make snarky comments to the group, until their attention is caught when they begin to get asked about Moras. When the group shows sympathy toward the gyppa, agreeing that stealing their eggs is wrong, the gyppa reluctantly agree to show them the way to Karamezra.

Venday, 13 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group travels through the night and arrives in Karamezra, exhausted. They learn that Karamezra is an entire city carved into a cliff face. Because the gyppa can fly, there are no ropes, ladders, or stairs to scale the cliff. A few consider scaling the cliff face, but Haseya transforms into a crow and flies to the top of the cliff, where it plateaus into a courtyard leading up to a magnificent palace, also carved into a cliffside. There, she finds Moras in a cage, who urgently shoos her away, saying he's thankful help has come but that if it looks like druids are helping him then the gyppa will turn their wrath on the Sand Circle and, while the Sand Circle are "dicks," he doesn't want to see anyone die on his account.

Tomren produces a 24-foot ladder from his robe of useful items and uses it to scale the cliffside city. The rest of the group follows behind him and eventually reach the top, exhausted and breathless. The guards here demand to know what's going on, and with a few quick words from Arnold, the group is granted an audience with Kha Ga Jakadi, leader of Karamezra.

Ga Jakadi proves to be a menacing, vicious, and angry creature who has every intention of eating Moras after several days of suffering. He goes on at length about his hatred for sun elves and the druids, and how their stealing gyppa eggs as sport could lead to the ruination of his very short-lived people. The group shows sympathy for his plight, and Ga Jakadi is surprised. He reluctantly agrees to release Moras if the group will go to a village called Arakoy, the last village to rebuff Ga Jakadi's attempts at unification, and serve as his emissaries to convince them to join his nation. He also knows they have recently captured a king vulture and desires the bird as a mount, and says the group should return with this animal as proof of their successful mission. The group is allowed to stay in the palace that day and evening to recoup and sleep. Arnold has a dream where he meets a rose-colored dragon that calls itself "The Warden."

Taursday, 14 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group set out in the morning westward to find the village of Arakoy. After nine hours of arduous and perilous travel, the group finds what they think is Arakoy—but they find it in absolute shambles. The buildings are smoldering ruins, and gyppa corpses are strewn about, some burned, some half eaten. As the heroes begin to piece together what happened here, a terrible roar can be heard alongside the beating of wings, and a drakirant—a corrupted orange dragon, a dragon of zeal—lands near them, launching into a pompous tirade before issuing an attack.

Child of Fire
A new crisis threatens to break newly-formed bonds.

Taursday, 14 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The battle with Qolzythirant, the pale orange dragon, begins. Haseya is quick to cast offensive spells while Tomren attempts to blind the dragon. Tomren's spell fails, but he is successful in weakening the creature. When he does, his face becomes sunken and pale, and Haseya notices.

Misae quickly runs to the device keeping the giant vulture held in a cage high overhead. After determining it would take too long to crank it down safely, she cuts the cable, sending the cage hurtling downward. The impact injures the vulture, but also breaks open the door. The king vulture, three times the size a man, steps out and begins attacking the dragon.

Taegon teleports on top of the dragon and, with his mythril katana, begins slashing into the beast. The dragon hurtles upward 80 feet in the air, corkscrewing as it flies to shake off Taegon, but Taegon holds fast.

As the dragon rights itself, Taegon pulls out his katana and infuses it with the holy powers of his deity, slamming it into the base of the dragon's neck. The dragon slumps in the air and Taegon finds himself plummeting toward the ground in a deadfall.

Quickly, Haseya commands the king vulture to meet Taegon midair, saving him from certain death. The giant bird rockets upward, grabbing Taegon free from the dead dragon as the corpse falls to the ground, katana still lodged in its skull.

Qolzythirant hits the ground with a tremendous boom. The vulture lands beside it gracefully, and Taegon tumbles out of the vulture's grasp, springing to his feet and pulling his weapon free of the freshly-slain dragon.

Haseya spoke with the vulture, who knows of Ga Jakadi and agrees to serve him as his mount. The group began dismantling the dragon body, scavenging it for all manner of organs and parts. Misae, a little grossed out by the process, wanders the ruins of Arakoy and finds a dead gyppa woman draped over a nest containing four eggs. One has been broken, but three are intact. Misae calls for Haseya, and Haseya collects the eggs, delicately holding them in her papoose.

Misae continues exploring Arakoy and finds Qolzythirant's "hoard," a smattering of coins and woven relics. Within this hoard is also a suit of chitinous full plate—after casting identify, it is revealed to be made from the carapace of the tlincalli, the scorpionfolk of the eastern wastes. Taegon claims the armor as his.

The group makes their way back to Karamezra with the help of the king vulture. Taegon and Tomren ride back on Sunshine, as the king vulture refuses to touch it.

Oathday, 15 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group arrives back in Karamezra and present the king vulture to Ga Jakadi. He lets Moras go as promised and names the vulture "sneaky bear" in his own tongue after Misae and Haseya. Moras hugs everyone and acts like an idiot. The group flies back to the Sand Circle so Moras can confront them. Moras gives them a scathing lecture, and Daphissa apologizes for her actions, saying she will lend her help to the group. Just then, Ga Jakadi arrives in the circle, worried about the "traitorous druids." The druids are furious that a gyppa is within their midst, and Ga Jakadi is furious that it appears an alliance is being forged. The group quickly sides with the gyppa, and the druids open an attack on the Kha and his mount, and exile the group. Sebba Kurtbach, the timid dwarven druid, leaves with the group, disgusted by her archdruid's actions.

The group returns to Abbas's farmstead with Moras and Sebba in tow. They see smoke on the horizon and rush to investigate. They are relieved to find Abbas and Ozra fine and healthy, burning a large bonfire, as the fifteenth of Whitefall is the Day of Flames in Bratana. They are fed ice cream and sweets and offered a boat ride back to Karna.

They arrive in Karna around eight in the evening. Haseya confronts Tomren about how he looked sick when he cast spells, but Tomren claimed to know nothing about it. Moras wonders why Tomren and Haseya went off to be alone and asks Misae if they're "a thing." Misae is immediately suspicious of Moras's intentions and Moras quickly becomes flustered. 

Once the group arrives at the Butterfly hideout, Narida invites Misae out to explore Karna. Misae agrees, and the two go out for a night of drinking and mischief. The night ends with Narida saying she lost her mother and is fighting to free the slaves so nobody has to go through what she went through. Drunk and misreading the moment, Narida tries to kiss Misae, who politely rebuffs her. Narida laughs it off and apologizes, and the two girls return to the base, where Haseya is waiting with worry and anger. Narida disappears into Arnold's room and doesn't come out until morning.

That evening, Taegon has a dream that he is lost at sea on a boat in a storm. He hears the Lady of Light calling for him and for his aid.

Arday, 17 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group begins their journey to Jasserah to complete Tomren's next justicar contract. Before leaving, Haseya meets with a Butterfly-friendly leatherworker to commission a suit of dragon scale mail out of the scales collected from Qolzythirant. The rest of the day is spent in travel.

Truday, 18 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group arrives on the outskirts of Jasserah as the sun is setting. The address leads Tomren to a small goat farm, where a father and his two daughters are finishing daily chores. Upon seeing Tomren, the father commands the daughters to go inside, and he rushes behind them. Tomren casts hold person and freezes the man, who is screaming profanities at Tomren. Eventually, the man breaks free of the hold, and runs inside, grabbing a scimitar.

It is revealed that Tomren's target is Neema il-Aspis, a 9-year-old sun elven girl. Misae is immediately shocked and furious about this, and refuses to allow Tomren to continue. The man begins attacking, slashing at Misae, Tomren, and Taegon. Misae forces Haseya inside the house, where the mother and sister of Neema are terrified of the massive bear creature that has appeared before them.

The session ends here, with the group splintered. Tomren is insistent on completing his duty, while Taegon seems to be searching for a compromise and Haseya and Misae are set squarely against him. The entire Aspis family is furious and terrified, and there doesn't appear to be a good solution in sight.

Guardians of the Tomb
Mummy lords are dicks, you guys.

Truday, 18 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The standstill at the farmstead continued. Arnold is approached by one of the farmers' neighbors, who seems suspicious, but Arnold uses suggestion to compel the man to continue walking. Tensions flare between Tomren and the duo of Haseya and Misae until it appears blows might be exchanged. Arnold enters the home and attempts to mediate between the two groups. Eventually, a compromise is agreed upon: the group will retreat back to Jasserah for now, search for an answer in the Library of Sjet when they gain entrance, and revisit this problem after they've researched the nature of the Weaveborn. The group returns to Jasserah, get rooms at the Shining Gem Inn, and get incredibly drunk.

Norday, 19 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group spends a day recovering from bad nightmares and worse hangovers. Arnold and Tomren explore the Pario Moska again since they're in town.

Venday, 20 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group sets out for the crypt of the Shining Zultan. They make camp off the roadside at nightfall. Ubah has a cryptic dream about his grandfather, Sindoro.

Taursday, 21 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group travels through the open wastes to arrive at the Tomb of the Shining Zultan. As they draw closer, their food suddenly spoils and the water in their canteens evaporates. Taegon hears his name spoken on the wind, and, after puzzling how to enter the crypt, the whispered words instruct him to spill his blood. He does so, and the door opens.

The inside of the crypt is a horror show, with signs that people had been buried alive here very evident. A ghastly cackling can be heard throughout the entire complex, and all of the dungeon is black as night. The first room the group enters is guarded by a pair of minotaur skeletons and an animated mummy. This proves to be a devastating battle for the group, who manage to survive it but require a short rest afterward.

During the short rest, an evil entity infiltrates Misae's mind and tears her apart from within, leaving her spasming on the ground and babbling incoherently. This episode lasts for almost ten minutes, and Haseya attempts to soothe her friend.

The group carries on, finding nothing in this room, and doubling back to another series of rooms where they find a statue of a naked elven woman bent over a pool of water. Arnold drinks the water and nearly becomes petrified, and is scolded by Haseya for acting recklessly. The group enters the next room where they see strange symbols on the wall. Arnold begins to cast comprehend languages and Misae explores the rest of the chamber. Misae stumbles across an altar, upon which are two skulls and a pile of coins. The skulls animate, revealing themselves to be flameskulls, and immediately attack Misae. This fight proves to be even more lethal than the last, nearly claiming the lives of the group as they are pummeled by a barrage of fire bolts and fire balls. Eventually, these skulls are shattered, and the group places their remains in the petrifying pool of water, as Haseya knows that these creatures reanimate after an hour.

Taegon knows that certain creatures of particular power levels can have a corrupting influence on their lairs. This is usually the case with ancient dragons, dread vampires, or demon princes, but it also extends to mummy lords. He presumes that a mummy lord is responsible for the madness that rest induces and the spoiling of their foodstuff. Whether or not this mummy lord is indeed the Shining Zultan, and, by extension, Taegon's grandfather, nobody dares answer. Having exhausted their abilities, the group decides to risk a night of sleep in the crypt.

Oathday, 22 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group's slumber is wracked with horrifying nightmares. Haseya and Arnold steel themselves against this mental onslaught, but Taegon, Tomren and Misae wake up with temporary insanity: Taegon and Tomren are haunted by hallucinations, and Misae has lost the ability to speak altogether. It becomes apparent that sleeping in this crypt is a danger in and of itself, and the group begins to worry if they will even make it out alive.

Writing's On The Wall
The continued adventures in the Crypt of the Shining Zultan

Flashback: Ubah informs the group that he feels the pull back to the Olvani Islands. He thinks he is ready to go back and help his people. Jadeflame considers this a betrayal and pulls out of Ubah, claiming Misae as its new master—although it shows interest in Haseya as well. Misae is later visited in her dreams by Donkey, who asks for reassurance that their plan to make their own path is still in effect. Misae agrees to it.

Lorday, 23 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group awakens after a night of horrifying nightmares that have shattered the minds of Tomren and Taegon, who begin to hallucinate. The group finds the flameskulls in the next room, fully reformed and sentient but petrified. They do not attack, but explain that they have instruction to guard the room they were taken from. There is a truce between the party and the skulls as they switch rooms.

The group explores the dungeon again and finds a secret door they missed that leads to a room full of statues. Misae investigates an owl head on the wall which causes a large statue of Taeron to attack Taegon. After the fight, the group finds a secret door in the owl head statue. They crawl through a crawlspace to a room with a pool of magical water. They deduce that this water enchants arrows with the Weave—they enchant an arrow of each color of the Weave, and Misae makes plans to share these arrows with Arnold.

The group finds several cyphers written on the walls of these chambers and slowly begin to piece together what the writing in the flameskull chamber might say. The session is ended with a combat encounter with a sarcophagus slime and the recovery of a precious and iconic piece of adventuring gear— a bag of holding.

Bad Blood
Things grow tense in the Shining Zultan's crypt.

Oathday, 22 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group finally pieces together the cypher and returns to the room with the puzzle which commands them to speak aloud the name of the Lady of Light. Taegon says, "Tarathiel," and a doorway opens into a new room. This room is a puzzle room where the group must work together to construct a bridge of hardened light for Taegon to cross. After solving the puzzle, the group enters the final chamber: the resting place of Taerah ur-Stariiz, Taeron Stareyes, the Shining Zultan.

The Shining Zultan wastes no time in attacking the group, insulting their attempts to defend themselves as he wreaks havoc on their ranks. The group begins to question their ability to handle this threat, and their peril is cemented when Tomren is killed by the Shining Zultan, reduced to a pile of ash. The entire group might have lost their lives here, were it not for Taeron recognizing his blood inside of Taegon.

Taeron halted his assault and, using his incredible power, returned Tomren to the land of the living. He insisted on knowing what Taegon had come for. After a very tense back-and-forth, Taegon and company agreed to allow Taeron to walk the world free once more in exchange for the use of his armies in the upcoming battle against the zultanate. Taegon made a second deal—a portion of his lifeblood in exchange for the secrets Taeron found in the library of Sjet. This left Taegon crippled and weak, and when he read through the findings, he was frustrated and despaired to learn he had been deceived—nothing in Taeron's findings proved useful beyond the revelation of a single word—eladrin—a word that meant nothing to anyone in the group, and could mean anything.

The Shining Zultan departed his tomb, and the group did so as well shortly after. They returned to the road, where they camped for the night. Taegon had a dream of another life this night, and dreamed of the threat of an encroaching darkness. 

Arday, 24 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group arrives back in Bratana around ten in the morning. They travel to the Falcon's Perch Inn where they clean up, eat, and then seek out the Butterfly. They encounter Zafar who tells Haseya and Misae that Kamaria, although willing to allow the group to continue experiencing Bratana in their own time, is privately growing restless and is ready to make the first move. Haseya agrees to meet with Kamaria that evening. Meanwhile, Tomren and Arnold make the attempt to cheer up a thoroughly demoralized Taegon by dragging him to see one of the wonders of Karna—The Spire of Pakonef, a crystalline structure given to Bratana by Espagor. Although Tomren and Arnold enjoy themselves, it does little to ease Taegon's troubles.

At the Butterfly hideout, Moras approaches Misae with a gift in the hopes of having a more comfortable, less intimidating dynamic in their friendship. The gift is a briefcase full of dozens of tiny hats for Misae to put on Ahiga. Misae admits that it's a good gift, but also warns Moras that she will continue to watch him because he has feelings for Haseya. Moras blusters for a bit before finally admitting the possibility that he does indeed have feelings for Misae's friend. He asks Misae for advice, and she tells him not to waste away his days sitting at the free bar drinking. Moras immediately leaves the hideout at this suggestion.

Tomren and Haseya then travel back to the Falcon's Perch Inn to find Taegon. Taegon and Haseya have a meaningful heart to heart conversation about what happened, and the guilt that Taegon carries with him now that he let an evil entity out into the world. Haseya gives him the words spoken to her by an old mentor—if you seek atonement for something, a time will come when your chance of redemption will make itself known. Taegon thanks Haseya for always being the guiding light of the group, which seems to touch Haseya. Tomren then attempts a physical examination of Taegon, but Taegon is too weak both physically and emotionally to tolerate much of an examination.

Later, at the Butterfly, it occurs to Haseya that she may be able to help Taegon's recovery. She uses a restoration spell which helps regrow Taegon's atrophied muscles. Although still weary and worn, Taegon feels he will be back to normal condition after a good sleep. The group then approaches Kamaria, Zafar and Mitra and let them know they are ready to discuss plans for the first attack.

Two hours later, a war council has been convened including Kamaria, Mitra, Zafar, Narida, Emanaya, Moras, Krystof, and the trumpet player for Beasts for Peace, a goblin named Blaster.

Kamaria explains that, to this point, Karna has heard whispers of the Butterfly but a disinformation campaign by the zultanate has successfully kept them as mere legend. Kamaria says the first step in their revolution needs to be sending a message to the slaves to let them know that the Butterfly is real and that it is on the move. To this end, she has devised a plan to destroy the Flesh Markets, the marketplace where slaves are auctioned off.

This plan is composed of four teams: black team, red team, violet team, and white team. Black team consists of Misae, Narida, and Blaster, and it is up to Misae and Narida to successfully stealth Blaster into location to place and arm four explosive devices that will level the markets. Once the last device has been set, Narida is to send a magical flare that will alert the other teams to get into position. White team—Moras, Kamaria, and Zafar—will then begin funneling innocents and slaves out of the area—Kamaria wants to ensure that the Butterfly is not seen as a terrorist organization, and wants to preserve as many innocent lives as possible. Once the explosions have detonated, the violet team—Arnold, Haseya, and Emanaya—is to begin Weaving a magical symbol that is primarily a butterfly but can be embelished in any way the casters see fit. The more hopeful and inspirational of a message they send, the more hearts they will impact. Kamaria hopes the combination of Haseya's natural druidcraft, Arnold's arcane prestidigitation, and Emanaya's eldritch thaumaturgy will create a lasting, enduring symbol and message for everyone in Bratana. Lastly, a wave of guards will likely be descending on the markets to apprehend and eliminate those who made the attack. It falls to red team—Taegon, Tomren, and Krystof—to hold off these guards for as long as they possibly can. It will be up to their discretion when to fall back, but Kamaria made it clear that the more time they can buy violet team, the better message that violet team can create.

Tomren expressed issue with taking lives. Kamaria flatly explained that this is a declaration of war, and in war, lives are lost. Tomren took issue with this, when Krystof, who was very drunk, began taunting Tomren. The taunts turned sour and eventually the entire table turned on Krystof, who ceased the taunting, turning inward, but not before saying to Tomren, "I will show you what it means to be a wizard, whether you truly are one or not."

Taegon had a dream about the Lady of Light and a foreign land. She told Taegon it was time to return home. Misae encountered an entity in her dreams dressed in the skin of her dead mother. She quickly identified it as Ruzazel, the demon who hounded Ubah, who now seeks the power of Jadeflame. Misae was quick to rebuff Ruzazel, and Ruzazel made it clear that the game of cat-and-mouse was still on, despite Ubah's bowing out.

Some things happened involving dragonflies and anal sex that I'm really not going to get further into here but thought I would mention. God damn it, Arnold.

The group left out bread and fish on their window sills in observance of the Bratanan holiday of fodrogan. When they awoke, Misae had attracted a crane, which represented the sun; Haseya attracted a dopey ostrich, which represented protection and healing; Arnold attracted an owl, which represents wisdom; Taegon attracted a falcon, which represents honor and valor; and Tomren attracted a vulture, which represents death.

Love Explosion
Things begin heating up in Karna.

Truday, 25 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The group plans and prepares for their first mission as Butterfly operatives. At 1:30, they enter the markets incognito, while Narida, Misae, and an invisible Blaster work their way behind the scenes to begin placing the explosives. 

While they do this, the other teams mill about in the plaza in front of the slave stages. Tomren buys a mango the size of a basketball and eats the entire thing, and a few electrum pieces are given to a blind man whose parrot says a series of very cryptic "futures."

The behind the scenes portion goes smoothly at first, with Blaster arming the first and second bombs without problems. While at the second tent, Narida and Misae arouse the attention of a guard. Narida attempts to flirt her way out of the problem, but fails, and is backhanded by the guard. Without much time to think, Misae slits the guards throat, assassinating him quickly. They hide the body in a barrel of wine and make their way to the third tent.

At the third tent, the women see two pleasure slaves lounging on pillows, almost entirely nude. Narida enters the tent with the invisible Blaster and tells Misae to come with. Narida begins speaking with the slaves to put them at ease—Misae cannot speak the language but suspects that Narida is flirting. Blaster is taking an abnormally long time, so Misae goes to ask what's taking so long. At that precise moment, Blaster makes a mistake arming the bomb and the device explodes, killing the slaves in the tent and the slaves on the stage and sending the plaza into a panic. The other teams stare in horror and shock, and swiftly move to begin executing the plan early.

Misae finds herself unscathed, but realizes it is because Narida has used herself as a shield to protect her. Narida is badly injured, but mobile—Blaster, however, appears to have been torn nearly in two, his legs barely more than shreds of flesh. Narida says that Misae must arm the final bomb on her own, and that Narida needs to get Blaster back to headquarters immediately for healing.

White team begins to escort innocents out of the area, while violet team begins to construct their message. Emanaya makes a violet butterfly out of eldritch energy, augments Haseya's storms, and writes a message in high elven - "You are free now." Haseya causes stormclouds to gather, grows an abundance of flora that overtakes the flesh markets, and summons forth bees, butterflies, and fireflies to swarm around the plantlife and the symbol. Arnold uses a magic arrow to cause a wall of brambles and roots to surround the symbol, then encapsulates the butterfly in a heart of blue butterflies, and causes music to pour out of Haseya's flowers- a song of salvation and hope.

Misae makes her way to the fourth tent and sets the bomb, but is stopped by a guard—a guard who reveals themselves to be none other than Eskandar za-Tavana. Eskandar seems confused that Misae is here and is part of the Butterfly. He forces her into a swordfight, offering the use of one of his scimitars. It is apparent that Misae is outmatched in hand-to-hand combat, but Eskandar makes no grand attempt to injure Misae. Eventually, a detachment of cataphracts finds the guard captain, and he takes Misae's dagger, injuring himself with a stab wound to the gut and commanding her to run. Unsure what to make of any of this, Misae flees back to the Butterfly headquarters.

Red team staved off the waves of attackers, killing only one of them while putting the rest to sleep (or, in one case, pinning a man under his horse by putting his horse to sleep.) Krystof used the telekinesis spell to create a flying, flaming battering ram, and Taegon slashed through the ranks.

All of the Pathseekers then decided to launch the symbol into the sky and flee, and all made it away safely.

Norday, 26 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The operation was a resounding success who's effects are felt all throughout Bratana. Slave revolts and riots break out and cause a police state lockdown to occur in Karna for the next two days. Enough attention is drawn to the Butterfly that the size of the organization expands rapidly, causing need for two new hideouts to open up—one under the Falcon's Perch and one in the Grey Falcon Inn.

During this day, Tomren goes to check on Sunshine to find that the creatures' extended presence in the stables has caused an aura of corruption that is withering the feed, rotting the wood of the stables, and sapping the life energies from the horses. Tomren tries to move Sunshine to the other side of the stable but is caught by the stable boy who fetches the innkeeper. The innkeeper then gets it out of Tomren that this was the result of Sunshine and demands that Sunshine be removed. Tomren fights back, but eventually relents when the innkeeper agrees to have the Butterfly act as an intermediary in the dispute. Butterfly agents arrive and move Sunshine to the sewers of Karna.

Tomren surveys the death and rot left by Sunshine and gathers that it is an infusion of black weave. He uses his arcane ability to extract the Weave and pull it into himself, which nearly kills him. Quickly, he is rushed inside, where Krystof explains that it will take about a week of bed rest for Tomren to recover from this, during which Tomren will suffer excruciating pain the entire time and will be barely able to eat, drink or sleep.

That night, while trying to find sleep, Tomren has a fever dream of climbing an icy mountain of bones while the raven Lot mocks his attempts.

Venday, 27 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The streets of Karna are still unsafe this day. In the evening, Haseya has a dream where she sees a large bear who takes her to a tropical island. She sees some ruins and senses frustration from the entity that communication is difficult.

Taursday, 28 Whitefall, 6934 EY: The streets are finally cleared on this day. Misae awakens to the innkeeper knocking on her door and telling her she has a visitor. Misae goes downstairs to find Eskandar waiting for her, wanting to take her on the promised date. Misae consults with Haseya, and Taegon threatens Eskandar. Eskandar laughs off Taegon's threats, saying he is not intimidated by him. Haseya allows Misae two hours, and also threatens Eskandar—Eskandar tells Haseya as well that he does not intimidate. Zafar also encounters Eskandar—Eskandar calls Zafar 'Zaffi' and seems to know him. Zafar does not seem happy to see him.

What follows is half a pleasant date, half an extremely awkward date. Eskandar is a gentleman, pays for lunch, takes Misae somewhere romantic, and stays engaged and interested in who Misae is, where she came from, and what makes her Misae. Misae in turn is confused because they definitely fought each other a few days ago and she can't reconcile dating someone who works for the Lord of Servitude. Eskandar explains that his brother, Javad, was killed during a slave revolt, and since then he has sworn to ensure that the status quo be kept. While walking around the Cascading Fountains, Misae does allow a small amount of affection to be shown despite her misgivings, allowing Eskandar to take her hand as they walk.

True to his word, Eskandar returns Misae to the Falcon's Perch Inn before the two hours are up, unscathed and unharmed. Misae is left wholly confused about the events of the past few days.

Oathday, 29 Whitefall, 6934 EY: Tomren continues to recover. Taegon goes to a jeweler with Arnold following as a translator and has a few items commissioned. The jewelers tell Taegon and Arnold to return the following day. Haseya and Misae both speak with Zafar about Eskandar. He remains evasive as ever, saying only that Eskandar is incorrugible, and is a trouble maker. 

Lorday, 30 Whitefall, 6934 EY: Taegon has crafted a cloak pin for Tomren that is blessed in holy water and prayers to Tarathiel to shield Tomren from undeath. Tomren explains that undeath is kind of his thing, and Taegon points out that every time Tomren meddles with it it almost kills him. Taegon also presents Misae with a medallion to wear around her neck, blessed with the protection of Tarathiel, in the hopes that it will keep the demon Ruzazel out of her head. Misae expresses interest in Tarathiel, explaining that sun symbology has been following her quite a bit the past few days.

Arnold then reveals he had a silver cock-and-balls secretly commissioned for Taegon and finds it extremely hilarious. Haseya offers some suggestions of where Arnold can shove it, which gives him a few ideas, and he goes to find Narida.

Arday, 31 Whitefall, 6935 EY: With Tomren hale at last, the group decides they are ready to begin the second mission for the Butterfly. This time, they learn from Kamaria, blood must be spilled. The message has been sent but they have not bared their teeth. Kamaria wants the head of Vessa za-Farahani—the Lord of Servitude. Tomren and Haseya seem to balk at the idea of assassination, but Kamaria is insistent. To further complicate the matter, Haseya reveals a secret told to her days ago by Zafar: that Vessi za-Farahani is not only the Lord of Servitude, but also Zafar's father.


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