Dancing Mad
The girls take a day off; the boys fight a tower of madness; they both deal with drama in the evening.

Truday, 5 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: The girls show up to the temple of indulgence at 10 am while the boys set out to find the tower where Kafka the Mad resides.

The girls enjoyed a mostly peaceful and relaxing day, although Narida did overstep her boundaries and brought up sensitive topics with Haseya and Misae. Narida later tried to help Haseya by telling her to remember to live her life, and to try to move forward from the past that hurt her.

The boys, meanwhile, found the tower and discovered the entire thing had been transformed into a horrific, singular organism through otherworldly magic. After fighting denizens of far-flung planes from beyond the vision of mortal reality, they ascended to the top where they fought and defeated Kafka the Crazy and destroyed the statues that gave him his eldritch power. Tomren took from this place the bones necessary to animate and create sharkjaw skeletal minions.

That evening, Arnold foolishly used the rod of wonder which caused his legs to fuse together, completely killing Narida's desire to be intimate with him. Arnold and Tomren went to get this issue fixed. Moras was taken aback by Haseya's beauty after her spa day and was unable to communicate with her; Standing Bear, on the other hand, was direct with his intentions, telling Haseya she was "hot" and then inviting her into his room for the evening. Haseya declined, and Standing Bear apologized for being so forward.

After Arnold had spent a good deal of his and Tomren's money, the curse was lifted and he rushed back to the inn to be with Narida. Narida told him to give her a moment but he played assertive and demanded her sexual attention, forgetting that she had survived a horrific rape experience not a month ago. Disgusted and hurt, Narida left Arnold alone as he realized his mistake.

Misae and Taegon went on their first official date together, choosing to go to a Sarenulian opera. Misae chose to see "The Eagle's Fall." It ended up being a war drama that had Taegon fully engaged but Misae fell asleep in the middle of it. Meanwhile, Tomren enjoyed the city night life of Kai, cruising through casinoes and enjoying the sights and sounds of the city of indulgence.

Back at the inn, Haseya was wrestling with a decision to take up Standing Bear on his offer. She opened her doorway, throwing the thought back and forth, when she heard the sounds of lovemaking from Standing Bear's room. Her emotional walls fully back up, Haseya shut her door and went to sleep.

The Dragon Capital
Welcome to the City-on-the-Mountain.

Norday, 6 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: The group leaves Kai, discussing the drama of the night before in isolated groups. Misae and Standing Bear have a verbal confrontation in the stables, and the ride to Illias is awkward. Haseya notices a strange figure watching them from the rice fields. When she alerts her companions, the figure is gone. The group stops for the evening and rests—during this time, Standing Bear confronts Misae again, and it elevates to an argument again, with Standing Bear threatening to leave. Tomren talks Standing Bear down, and he agrees to stay with the group.

Venday, 7 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: In the morning, the group finds an overturned cart and a strange bear-like creature; a yaoguai. The yaoguai attacks the group, who defeat the creature. They discover the mutilated remains of Li Chao, the Noodle Lady, and give her a proper burial.

The group arrives in Illias late in the morning and are taken in by its splendor, gazing in awe at the golden castle in the clouds hovering above the sacred mountain. The mountain is ringed by walls, and it takes several hours of traveling through the farmlands at the foothills to reach the first city district of Illias. It is crowded and dirty, but the group eventually pushes on to the next district, where they encounter a yellow dragon entertaining a crowd. This dragon is quick to laughter, friendly, and gives everyone souvenir scales with their names engraved on them. The dragon also inadvertently terrifies Haseya for wearing dragon scale mail, although he meant it as a joke.

Around evening, the group begins discussing stopping for the night and finding an inn. The smell of food attracts them to a cart selling meat and noodle dishes. There, a young samurai argues with the woman who runs the cart—he apparently does not have the money to cover his bill. Tomren fronts him the cash, and the samurai thanks Tomren with a bit of advice—to be careful in Illias, and to know that even now they are being watched.

A Perfect City
Is something sinister afoot at the Crown of the World?

Venday, 7 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: At Tomren's encouragement, the group spends a night out having fun. Moras had found a flier that Arnold translated for him for a food and "fireworkers" festival. Tomren, Taegon, Moras, Misae and Haseya attended this festival, enjoying foods from around the world and entertaining the citizens of Illias by turning into animals. Meanwhile, Arnold and Narida spent the evening enjoying the night life, dancing, playing music, and getting drunk. Standing Bear went to a "dragon fight" where he made a great deal of money. Ilfrek chose to go to a used book store, and Sebba walked through one of the parks in the district, and attended a haiku reading there.

Taursday, 8 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: Refreshed from their exploits, the group continues up the mountain. In the next district, they are approached by a young woman who says she is a handmaiden for Sun Wei, She Who Sleeps, an oracle in the area who has been waiting for the group. The group agrees to see this oracle, who gives them all very cryptic foretellings. She ends this meeting with an enigmatic, almost terrifying vision and prophecy that only the five Pathseekers could see and hear.

A little shaken but undeterred, the group continues up the mountain. The atmosphere begins to thin and the horses begin to slow. The group passes through several more districts until finally reaching snowy frozen slopes. The harsh extremeties cause Misae's horse to submit to the weather and die. Frozen at the top of the world, the group finally arrives at a wall made of ice. The wall is opened and they are permitted inside.

On the other side of the wall is paradise. Here, the magic of the dragons has created a fertile valley at the foot of the summit of Mount Jaw-Long Xie. This shangrila is populated by the wealthiest and most elite of the residents of Illias.

The group is met by a woman named Li Cai who introduces herself as an ambassador of the Dragon Emperor himself. She has been instructed to escort them to a manor that has been set aside for the "heroes of Bratana" while they wait for an audience with the Dragon Emperor—which, according to Li Cai, will take approximately six months.

The group is immediately set ill at ease by the surroundings in the manor. Although every one of their needs is seen to and all their desire fulfilled, they can never be without an escort "for their safety." Additionally, it is made abundantly clear that the government of Sarenul knows a great deal about the group—including such fine of details as Misae's parentage and Taegon's homeland. 

While part of the group is oblivious to a perceived danger and part of the group works quietly to subvert the situation, Misae is openly hostile to the situation at hand, causing the staff in the manor to place sturdier guard over her. Taegon is able to talk the matron of the house into allowing him to spend the night in Misae's room, allowing the couple a bit of privacy. Tomren, meanwhile, tests the limits of the staff's ability, and consorts with Ilfrek to formulate a plan in secrecy. Ilfrek gives Tomren a book, suggesting he read the chapter on pegasi. When Tomren opens the book, he finds a note— "We Are In Trouble."

Bo Fu
An old name; a new friend.

Lorday, 10 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: The group decides to spend the day checking out Zhongtou District. Before they head out, Li Cai suggests they freshen up. When Misae goes to do so, she is abducted by the Mei Jeimei, the secret agents of Illias, and is replaced by a shapeshifting dragon doppelganger. The group is unaware of the change, even Haseya, for the dragon's talents are second to none.

The group visits a museum about the Ophan War—although Tomren had hoped to learn more about "the fall of Realm," the museum dedicated to it wasn't open yet, according to Li Cai.

Meanwhile, Misae was being interrogated by the Mei Jeimei. They used magic to modify her memory, transforming her from her usual rebellious self into a submissive fan of the dragon emperor who believed that Realm had been destroyed.

When the group returned to the manor, the Mei Jeimei agents switched Misae with the impostor, granting her the memories of the day's events. When the brainwashed Misae met with the rest of the group, they were immediately put off by her, but could not pinpoint what had happened to her. 

Tomren and Ilfrek endured an agonizingly long lecture about the origins of the country of Sarenul in the hopes of eventually learning about the fall of Realm. Ilfrek sent Tomren a secret message that said they are wasting time and need to find a way to free themselves of the watchful eyes of their attendants. Ilfrek had a plan and aimed to initiate it the following day.

Arday, 11 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: Although the group had plans to meet dragons this day, Tomren changed plans at the last second to get the group out of the house. The plan was to travel to one of the art galleries. On the way there, Ilfrek created an illusory nightmare that charged the group. In the panic and confusion, the group bolted away from their escorts, who immediately took chase. The large men who served as bodyguards shifted into dragons and began to hunt the group down.

The group ducked and weaved through Zhongtou District, staying under cover to avoid the dragons. They ducked into a covered alleyway only to be ambushed by Mei Jeimei agents, who quickly demonstrated powers beyond what the group had. They were nearly captured, but the battle was interrupted by the samurai they had fed days before. The Mei Jeimei agents scattered when he arrived, and he helped Misae gather her unconscious allies onto his hulking heibai, a creature he called Nobu. The young man introduced himself as Shiro Bo Fu, and explained that the Mei Jeimei are afraid of his name. He knows the group is looking to speak with the Dragon Emperor, and Shiro wishes to speak with him too.

Shiro hurried the group away to a secret place, where he explained his plan to steal wyverns from the Crown of the World and fly up to the Heavenly Palace. He explained they could either go through the monster-infested sewers or risk traveling in the open with the Mei Jeimei looking for them. They decided to try traveling aboveground, but Shiro warned they needed to move quickly before the Mei Jeimei warned the wall guards about them.

The Dragon Emperor
An infiltration of the world's greatest palace.

Arday, 11 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers successfully infiltrate the Crown of the World. They debate how they are going to infiltrate the wyvern compound until ultimately deciding that a direct break-in is the quickest route. During this frontal assault, using Nobu as a battering ram, Misae fell from the great bear and was dragged behind it. The group quickly made their way inside, hijacking wyverns, which Taegon had difficulty controlling, but Tomren displayed a natural talent with. As they flew upward to the Heavenly Palace, they noticed they were being pursued by Mei Jeimei agents and wyvern riders. The Mei Jeimei were able to hit Misae with tranquilizing needles, knocking her unconscious, which slumped her off of the wyvern, but she was caught midair by the intelligent beast.

Upon arriving at the Heavenly Palace, the group was attacked by Mei Jeimei agents, wyvern riders, and two adult dragons. Before the dragons could lay ruin and devastation upon the group, two individuals arrived; Zhou Dong, the Tiger General, and Li Chao, the minister of Ilias and leader of the Mei Jeimei, who was also the noodle lady supposed dead days before.

After some brief confusion, Shiro was able to talk Zhou Dong into permitting an audience with Dragon Emperor Fang Peng Roc. After a very tense discussion, one of Fang Peng Roc's draconic allies—daughter of Fothratarth, Isrutarth—cast restorative spells on Misae and Zhou Dong, granting them their memories back and revealing Li Chao's deception. Fang Peng Roc exiled Li Chao, but Li Chao took the entirety of the Mei Jeimei with her. Both the korthadrak and the uthadrak left Sarenul temporarily to report to the Dracocouncil in the north.

Fang Peng Roc felt humiliation instead of gratitude after these events. He claimed the Pathseekers had dishonored him, and refused them the help they asked. He said if they wished for help, they would need to help one of his daimyos, a corvo named Hiroshi Shizuma, who had been asking for help to reclaim his ancestral home of Shizuma Castle in Okura. The group agreed, said goodbye to Shiro Bo Fu and Nobu, and were escorted to the base of the mountain.

Truday, 12 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: After traveling the hilly countryside, the group arrived in Ikochumi, an industrious city. Ahiga began acting very strangely here, biting and growling and being a general nuisance. While Haseya tried to figure things out, the rest of the group went to a museum at Tomren's behest. When they returned, they learned Ahiga was going through "growing pains." Taegon remarked that he thought Ahiga was fully grown—Haseya said that "so did she."

The group continued traveling, refusing to stay in town because of the impoliteness of their innkeeper.

Norday, 13 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: A day of travel passes by without incident.

Venday, 14 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: The group arrives in Anzamuri, a busy market town. Narida and Arnold are charged with finding out information about Okura while the others find an inn. When the two return, they explain that Okura is primarily corvo and has been evacuated in recent days because of the incident with intruders in Shizuma Castle. It is assumed the intruders are affiliated with the empire of Realm, and many strange mercenaries have been hired to help shore up its defenses.

Taursday, 15 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: A day of travel passes by without incident.

Oathday, 16 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: A day of travel passes by without incident.

Lorday, 17 Earlydawn, 6935 EY; The Day of the Dragons: The Pathseekers arrive in Okura. They find their rendezvous point, an inn called the Double Dragons, amongst the empty and desolate city. Here, they find a whiskey-swilling grizzled old cowboy named Merle Gunnarson. Merle explains that he and two others are hired hands by Hiroshi Shizuma. The other two are Lily Oxford, a bubbly little halfron, and none other than Chumani of Sipaku, Haseya's mentor and dear friend. The two are astonished to see each other here, and Chumani says that she believes her daughter, Fala, may have survived the Razing of the Graywald and her hunt has led her here. The three mercenaries begin bickering, which is interrupted by an arrow in the wall and the sudden arrival of the noble Hiroshi Shizuma, who tells the group a legend his father told him about two warring dragons. He says that he walked the world for many years and has now returned to his home only to find it overran by Imperial scum, and begs for everyone's help. Lily smiles sheepishly and replies, "The world could always use more heroes."

The Attack on Shizuma Castle
The Battle For A Base Begins

Arday, 18 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers lay siege to Shizuma Castle with the aid of Hiroshi Shizuma, Lily Oxford, Merle Gunnarson, and Chumani of Sipaku. While fighting in the streets of Okura, they battled Noir the sniper, Mack Jorrison the soldier, Sir Roland the paladin, and Lanio, the avar bard. They ended up recruiting Sir Roland, who seemed to know Chumani from a previous organization, and they spoke vaguely of mutual friends who were either "ruling, disappeared, or dead."

In the Temple of the Tenets, the group fought against Thurston, a giant and angry hylo; ZY-TA, a strange man made of metal; Barik Blastbarrel, a dwarven elementalist; and Fala of Sipaku, Chumani's daughter who had been brainwashed by the empire and given a rocket launcher and jetpack. Fala was eventually saved by her mother, and helped the group continue their attack inward.

In Shizuma Castle courtyard, the group faced off against the goblin Duva in a mechanical suit; Dum'Gar of Clan Ferrag, a vicious thragg'ar with a legendary punch; Xue Nushi, a Sarenulian cryomancer; Orisos, a centaur druid from Casturas; and Sonora, an Ordovan spy and manipulator. This proved to be the group's hardest challenge, but won it in the end, and recruited Dum'Gar in the process, who was wooed by the groups' strength.

In Shizuma Castle itself, the group fought against a shadowy figure called Grim; an unhinged vulpini named Havoc; a silent but gruesome ogre named The Hook; and an arrogant Mercenary woman named Perfectra. This battle went very quickly, and they spared Havoc, who joined them for unknown reasons.

In Shizuma Castle Throne Room, the group came face to face with Hiroshi's brother, thought dead—Godo Shizuma. Godo had been horribly mutilated, but saved with Imperial technology, turned into a cyborg ninja. He was accompanied by Child Mercy, a member of the Valorous Family; BS-T0N, an Imperial mech; and Zorya, a hardened dwarven general. This battle was won quickly thanks to the group's efforts and Hiroshi unleashing his spirit dragon powers on his brother.

In the end, the Shizuma brothers were reunited, and agreed to travel the world together, to see what it had become and to learn from each other. As thanks for restoring the castle, they agreed to relinquish the rights of it to the Pathseekers, that they may use it for safe harbor.

What followed was a month of reconstruction, building and development of Shizuma Castle. Taegon grew very restless during this period, anxious to follow the warnings given to him in dreams.

Taursday, 22 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: Shiro Bo Fu and Nobu arrive in Okura and lend their assistance to the Pathseekers, confident that their travels will eventually lead them to Shiro's grandfather.

Taursday, 29 Earlydawn, 6935 EY: Katja Kraus arrives from Molentius, claiming she had been sent by visions of her grandfather's spirit. Katja seemed more grown up, more ready, and said that Krystof had told her she had a great destiny in helping the Pathseekers.

Truday, 2 Greenleaf, 6935 EY: "Jungle" Jym Lestoy showed up on grounds, only now going by the name "Judo" Jym Lestoy. He asked to set up a shop in the castle. Misae was reluctant to trust him, but eventually relented, and Jym joined the group's growing entourage.

Arday, 8 Greenleaf, 6935 EY: Adlyth Bronarth and Herod Eswald, the two young lovers from Dunezar, arrived in Okura with the promised pteranodons—eight of them in total. The Pathseekers each chose a personal mount from this clutch and Adlyth and Herod agreed to stay in Sarenul to help oversee their care and needs. Today is also Haseya's 54th birthday.

Venday, 11 Greenleaf, 6935 EY: Taegon's 251st birthday. Taegon and Misae FINALLY BANG.

Oathday, 13 Greenleaf, 6935 EY: Beasts for Peace arrive in Okura, having heard the news of the Pathseekers building a base. They have decided to finally settle down and want to make Shizuma Castle their venue. The group agrees.

Norday, 17 Greenleaf, 6935 EY: Moras returns from a secret mission accompanied by Haseya's mother, Manaba; her father, Sani; and her sister, Doli. Sani helps Haseya build a druid grove out of bonsai and bamboo, which Sebba asks if she can guard. Moras also brings with him Telokete, MIsae's father, who makes intimidating remarks toward Tomren and grills Taegon, mentioning a group called the "windspeakers" who looked like Taegon, piquing his curiosity.

Venday, 18 Greenleaf, 6935 EY: The family members return to Sipaku. At the end of this day, a final old face reveals itself: Zafar za-Farahani, worn and beaten from travel, arrives in Shizuma Castle with these words on his lips: "It sounds like we have work to do."

A New Old World
The Pathseekers discover an ancient secret.

Taursday, 19 Greenleaf, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers meet with their advisors and are introduced to the war table, from where they can issue their followers and allies to complete different goals and objectives. For purposes of brevity, the details of these missions will not be outlined in adventure log posts, except where they touch upon or impact the plot of the story.

After delegating tasks to their allies, the Pathseekers decide that returning to Taegon's homeland of Elm Shaeras on the continent of Utar is the high priority. Using their newly-acquired flying mounts, the group sets off for the port city of Itaro.

Taursday, 2 Rosefield, 6935 EY: After four days of travel, the group arrives in Itaro, one of Sarenul's largest port cities. The Pathseekers decide from here to take a ship directly to Amberdeen, the capital of Utar, in lieu of flying their mounts there, which would require them to make stops in the Olvani island chain, which is infamous for its rough-and-tumble pirate population.

Oathday, 24 Rosefield, 6935 EY: The journey to Utar is long and grueling. The Pathseekers spend nearly a month at sea with very little to occupy themselves. The crew they hired are former military and are professional and polite but curt and straight-laced. On the 24th of Rosefield, the ship arrives in Lion's Mouth Bay, but the Pathseekers are disheartened to see Amberdeen in flames.

Quickly, the Pathseekers took the ship's tender to shore, where they found strange, dragonlike humanoids patrolling the burning city streets alongside red-skinned men and women with flame for hairs. These creatures brooked no passage and bandied no words, but instead attacked the Pathseekers, who bested them in battle. Tomren guessed at their species as dragonborn and igna genasi—creatures that were thought to be long extinct.

A trader Taegon recognized emerged from the rubble where he was hiding to explain that the creatures appeared and attacked without warning. He told Taegon they were led by a bronze-skinned elf and that they were headed for Elm Shaeras.

Lorday, 25 Rosefield, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers arrive in Elm Shaeras to find the village shattered and its population decimated. Judging by the number of bodies, Taegon deduces that not everyone is dead. He rushes to his parents' home and finds it empty, with signs of struggle. While rushing to Berilar's home, he encounters the man in the city square—the last surviving mystic elf in Elm Shaeras. Berilar explains that he knows they need to follow these creatures, and that the answers they have sought for so long exist "beyond the storms."

The Pathseekers hijack a biomechanical whale-ship and haphazardly pilot it under the water, moving at breakneck speeds that eventually overload the ship and their biology, leaving them beached, shipwrecked, and at the edge of death.

Norday, 28 Rosefield, 6935 EY: The group awakens in a strange new land being tended to by a strange race of people who appear to be human but have strange, bestial qualities to them. There is no shared language, but the creatures seem to be working diligently to heal the Pathseekers.

The days that followed were days of recovery. Eventually, the Pathseekers were introduced to a porcupine-man who introduced himself as Vettorio Barbamachollo. Vettorio explains that the group is in a city called Belaguardia, in the nation of Casalini, on the continent of Goranth. None of these words or places sound familiar to anyone, not even Tomren, who has studied geography more extensively than the others, or Arnold, who knows a thousand songs and stories. 

Arday, 2 Greysky, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers are led to the Council of Four, the individuals who oversee trade and administration in Belaguardia. They are accompanied by a panel of experts and scientists who begin asking the Pathseekers a variety of questions regarding what they call the "Otherlands" or the "lands beyond the storms." They seem keenly interested in what they call the Flaming Scale Horde. 

After these questions, it is determined that the Pathseekers do not pose a threat and are allowed to travel as they please, as long as Vettorio accompanies them. They immediately seek travel to Virandis to find Berilar and the eladrin. 

Upon arriving in Virandis via teleportation (another surprise to the well-learned Tomren,) they find Meren Shaeras, the capital of Virandis and the home of the eladrin. This enormous tree is populated by thousands of eladrin—more than Taegon has ever seen—and he recognzies none of them but one: Berilar. Berilar escorts them through Meren Shaeras, saying that it's "time to meet Her."

Indeed, Taegon finally comes face to face with his goddess—Tarathiel, the Lady of Light. Taegon is taken aback to learn that Tarathiel is in fact just an eladrin woman named Nadia du Fey who insists on not being called Tarathiel. She is accompanied by many incredibly powerful allies, and tells a story of how they have traveled from another world and sought refuge on Pryme. She also knows the group is searching for the Paths of Salvation and has sensed the presence of one in the country of Paribaia. Nadia can offer teleportation to Paribaia but warns it's a one-way trip. Additionally, she requests that the group take with them a strange individual who is of both dragonborn and aasimar blood—a quiet and lithe cleric named Phala. Nadia explains that Phala doesn't have a place in Goranth and is seeking his place in the world. Having a cleric can be a valuable asset to an adventuring group, and the Pathseekers welcome Phala along in their journies.

Truday, 3 Greysky, 6935 EY: The Pathseekers travel through the one-way portal to Paribaia. They arrive in what looks like a ruined temple made of metal. There are strange metal cables and wires hanging from the ceiling like synthetic vines, and a great fallen pillar of metal and stone separates them from the outside world. They can hear a tinny voice from outside calling into the temple. When they respond, they hear the flare of electricity, and a creature made of stone, wood and metal appears before them—a strange automaton shaped in the image of a man and carrying an electrified quarterstaff. The creature seems ready to engage and kill the Pathseekers until he sees Tomren—at which point he drops his weapon and begins to worship him.


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