Gathering Allies

The time for retribution draws nearer

30 Brownleaf 6934 EY: Tomren received word back from Professor Geldimbrag of Dunezar University on this day. when he arrived, he discovered that the Valorous Family, Realm's rulership, had discovered the couatl brain and had sent a representative named Child Temperance. Child Temperance requested the brain be relinquished to Imperial control; after Temperance had left, Tomren confronted Geldimbrag, who explained he sought the opinion of a colleague at the Imperial Academy and it must have been intercepted by the Valorous Family.

Taegon made a plea to the Hunter's Take to help with the mission against the slavers. Heigard explained that he would only take a paid contract to hunt beasts. Manora, on the other hand, was more than ready to relinquish her role as an officer of the Hunter's Take. She also introduced Taegon to Elder Nazu, the leader of the ardo in Heronsflight, who cast an animal messenger spell to send word to the Viridian Wardens for aid.

31 Brownleaf 6934 EY: Arnold officially graduated from the college of satire on this day and was rewarded by learning the "swamp blues" style of music as well as being given a harmonica. After B4P left, he was approached by their trombonist, a hobgoblin named Thunder. Thunder explained that he knew the group was about to travel into a dangerous place and that hobgoblins were a tactical, ordered, warlike people, and he grew up in that tradition and felt he would be a useful asset. 

On this day, Ubah discovered an old journal from a long-forgotten expedition beneath the Tongo Mountains. It described untold natural riches discovered under the mountains, but also an ancient evil called "the Abortion" that seemingly killed the miners to a man.

With this knowledge, the group met with Zafar to discuss further plans. Zafar introduced the group to the nine watch men that would be joining them, as well as the three lieutenants he had requested waiting for their return: Eza Nyafor, Barin Gunny, and Remi Thobard. 

1 Deadtree 6934 EY: While preparing the chain of command while he was gone, Zafar said it would be two more days before the group could move out. During this time, Leodolf summoned the group to his office because there had been a new contract put out and they had been specifically selected to fulfill it. The contract was from Floriano Stricklen himself, the "big boss" of Dunezar, who was present in Leodolf's office. Floriano made a point of being a contentious, arrogant sort who made it very clear he expected this hunt to be a priority and for it to be a successful one.

Also during this day, Heigard and Belmira approached the group. They explained that they had seen the fresh and raw recruits being sent into battle against the slavers and it troubled them. Heigard explained that the one thing he hates more than anything is seeing young soldiers die. And so, despite the fact that it would anger his old friend Leodolf and likely put his officer position at risk, Heigard and Belmira gave themselves to the cause, as well as recruiting their friend, Archie Trueshot.

On this final night before the expedition, a large party was had at the Silver Monkey with most of the warband in attendance—Zafar recused himself, as did Ubah. During this party, the group paired off with a number of women: Arnold with Manora again; Tomren with lieutenant Eza Nyafor; and Taegon with a vulpini woman, with the help of wingman Remi Thobard.

2 Deadtree 6934 EY: The group at last set off toward the Tongo Mountains to plumb the Razorspire Mines for the entrance to the Valley of Chains. As they were leaving, they were stopped by a man in a rainbow cowl: none other than Kellam, son of Eidarel, of the Viridian Wardens, who had heard Taegon's call and traveled this long distance to help them fight whatever they may face. Another ally and a new hope in the face of a looming and unknown evil.



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