“What a hungry fox constantly dreams of is a chicken!”


Ahiga is Haseya’s de facto animal companion, and her personal ward. Although Haseya cares for and travels with Ahiga as a living specimen for the illness that has ravaged Sipaku, Ahiga has become much more to Haseya. Haseya’s natural protective instincts have imprinted onto Ahiga very much, and she cares for and nurtures the fox as if it were her own child. To put Ahiga’s life in danger is to incur the full extent of Haseya’s fury.

As for the fox itself, Ahiga is shy yet inquisitive. Ahiga has become obedient to a fault to Haseya’s commands, but where food is involved—particularly chicken—his attention and obedience can stray. Ahiga is lazier than most foxes, but even cleverer than most. His intelligence borders on sapience—no doubt a byproduct of time spent with a skilled and gifted druid.

Ahiga has remained a loyal and true companion to Haseya during the Pathseeker’s adventures. He has taken a particular kinship with Moras, who, as a druid, is capable of speaking with the fox. Ahiga also enjoys the company of Misae, whom he has known nearly his whole life, and who also has begun to train Ahiga to put on tiny hats in exchange for treats, much to Haseya’s dismay.

While Haseya was training at the Monastery of the Hungry Flame, Ahiga was attacked by Matilda Greenburrow in an effort to get Haseya to release her inner flame. Although Ahiga made it out alive, he does not bear a scar in the form of a nick taken out of his left ear.

Favorite animal: Haseya
Favorite color: Whatever Haseya likes
Favorite book: Whatever Haseya likes
Favorite song: Whatever Haseya likes
Favorite country: Whatever Haseya likes
Favorite food: CHICKEN!!


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