Arnold Freuenberger

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."


Born in the Batalian lowlands in the sleepy town of Guterstein, Arnold Freuenberger is not your typical dwarf. Scrawny and soft by dwarven standards, Arnold values the joys of song, laughter, peace and merriment over the typical dwarven pursuits of religion, military, conquest and battle. This has caused Arnold to be a bit of a black sheep who spent much of his time with his Uncle Istvan, a fellow outcast and lover of music, who taught Arnold much of what he knows about music.

Unlike the majority of the group who harbor storied histories and painful secrets, Arnold is, first and foremost, an adventurer and a storyteller. He is the beating heart of the group, the optimist who keeps their chins level and their eyes focused. That is not to say that Arnold does not have secrets hidden away in his past, but he doesn’t allow anything to haunt him. Arnold moves forward, and as long as he has friends, ale, a good girl and a song in his heart, he will thrive.

Most recently, Arnold has invented the plan of creating alter-egos for the group in the event of needing a cover. This plan involves the group posing as traveling performers. Although Ubah is leery of the idea of deception, the group has tentatively agreed.

While spectating a game in Crocomania XXXVII, Arnold was arrested for rigging a fight by causing Grok “the Croc” Grokson to lose his match with a vicious mockery spell. After being bailed out of jail by Cal Cabboway, Arnold rejoined his friends in the hunt for the Father of Worms.

Arnold has become fast friends with Misae of Sipaku, but the two of them feed off of each others’ inherent mischievous natures, often landing them both in trouble with Haseya, who has taken a motherly role toward them. These hijinks became serious when Arnold accidentally killed a woman in Zelgaruk while trying to procure documents from an Imperial outpost.

Since the accident, Arnold has been a little subdued—but it doesn’t take much to pull back out his puckish behavior.

While in Karna, Arnold began a relationship with Narida sil-Ghaznavi. Although this relationship is currently purely physical, it remains to be seen where it goes next. After being hurt by Manora, however, it wouldn’t be surprising if Arnold treads lightly.

Additionally, Arnold has been instrumental in keeping the group sane during their adventures in Bratana. Bratana has proven to be a taxing, emotionally exhausting land, and if it weren’t for Arnold’s continual optimism and pep talks, the group may have begun to splinter and fracture apart altogether.

With the stress of adventure and tragedy building, it continues to be Arnold who is the heart of the party. He is always ready with a song and a smile, a story and a speech. Arnold has become quite close with Narida now, but their relationship is still yet to develop.

Arnold Freuenberger

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