Eidarel Fenrieth

“A lion does not become king of the jungle hunting mice.”


Eidarel Fenrieth is the father of Kellam Fenrieth and the chief ranger of the Viridian Wardens, a secret faction that lives in the village of Ti’oakana, deep in the Darkwald and near opha territory.

Eidarel is outwardly a severe and strict man, but beyond the exterior he is warm, friendly, and loves a good laugh. In fact, Asteriel admonishes him frequently for not being serious enough; the life of a Viridian Warden is not one of joy and merriment, but of constant vigilance.

It was Eidarel who found the group wandering through the Darkwald, and it was Eidarel who led them back to Ti’oakana. Eidarel also helped train Ubah Memburu and Manora Telgoran in the art of tracking, hunting, and being a ranger.

Although Eidarel was unable to answer Taegon’s request for help to attack the slavers of the Valley of Chains, he permitted his son, Kellam, to go on his behalf, knowing it would risk the wrath of the elder, Asteriel.

Eidarel Fenrieth

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