Emanaya Salaru

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”


Little is known about Emanaya Salaru except that she is beautiful, unafraid, and vastly powerful. Her display of prowess exceeds arrogance and showiness—she is an accomplished spellcaster and knows it, unafraid of a flourish or an unnecessary addition.

Emanaya exudes sexuality. She is flirtatious, physically perfect, and extremely sensual. She uses these wiles to get her way in life, oftentimes manipulating lesser minds to avoid trouble.

Emanaya was captured by the Brotherhood of Chains and violently beaten and taken advantage of. She was rescued by Ubah Memburu, and she helped him and his friends escape the slaver’s encampment.

Afraid of what Tomren Hawich, a justicar who hunts warlocks, might do if she stuck around, Emanaya disappeared shortly after returning to Dunezar.

Emanaya Salaru

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