Kellam Fenrieth

“Showing off is the fool's idea of glory.”


Kellam Fenrieth is a member of the Viridian Wardens and the son of Eidarel Fenrieth, ranger captain of the Viridian Wardens.

Cocksure, arrogant, and reckless, Kellam believes in the pursuit of glory in battle. His greatest wish is to lead troops against the opha and destroy the snakefolk for good. In the dark blacks and greens of the jungles, Kellam wears white in the hopes of standing out and attracting his enemies.

It was Kellam who answered Taegon’s call for allies to assault the slavers. He came with his father’s blessing, but knew the elder would be displeased. Kellam proved to be a valuable ally, and returned to Ti’oakana when the battle was over, surely to be punished by Asteriel.

Kellam Fenrieth

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