Manora Telgoran

"We don't develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity."


Manora Telgoran is the bastard daughter of Free Captain Nyle “Nightshade” Buckley and Phoebe Telgoran, a barmaid in Grogbarrel. Treated poorly by her mother and absent a father, Manora spent most of her time hunting the wilds of Hook Island with her friend and eventual lover, a spritely girl named Eliza Brink. Eventually, Eliza would leave Manora for life on the open seas as a pirate in her own right. Manora felt betrayed by the only person she had ever felt love for, and so she too left Grogbarrel. Wanting to be away from the pirate nations altogether, she turned to Realm. The country was too quiet and boring for her, and lacked proper greenery to lose herself in. She then traveled to Molentius, where she heard about the Hunter’s Take. She proved herself a prodigy there, and found herself in a position of authority within months of joining.

It was Manora who was selected to be the PC’s ward during their Trial of the Take. Although her performance was sub-par, she did help keep the group alive, particularly in their escape from the Valley of Chains. Since their return to Dunezar, Manora has had a one-night stand with Arnold Freuenberger, although it remains to be seen if this was a one-time occurrence or the start of something greater. This has since developed into an ongoing arrangement, although is still considered a casual affair.

Manora was amongst the first to volunteer her services to the warband that would strike back against the slavers of the Brotherhood. Her contributions during the effort were many, and she proved herself a valuable asset during the assault.

Manora was amongst the group that agreed to help Haseya find the Tongo thistle in the Tongo mountains.


Manora Telgoran

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