Moras Wolftongue

"A gentleman is simply a patient wolf."


Moras Graymoon is from a minor noble house in the Imperial city of Barlow. Disappointed by his lack of martial ability, his father sent him away to train in another trade. Having always been fond of animals, Moras chose to become a shepherd. This served to infuriate his father even more, as shepherding was beneath his station as a noble. Moras then chose to travel to Ethova to learn to become a druid. Although he proved to be a natural with shapeshifting and communion with fauna, it requires a true balance to be a druid, and Moras had no kinship with plantlife. Archdruid Throg saw some amount of potential in Moras, and so instructed the young druid to travel the world. Should Moras make contact with each of the druid circles of the world and bring back with him knowledge from their ways, Throg would personally make Moras a hedge in the Green Circle.

Moras has been traveling for some time now but has only made contact with the Arrow Circle in the Graywald, where he was nearly killed by xenophobic elves. The encounter has soured him to his mission and he has instead fallen to simply enjoying the sights and sounds of the world as a traveler and wanderer, although his money is dwindling fast.

Moras was captured in the Valley of Chains along with the PC’s and was instrumental in their escape attempt. He has since left Dunezar, claiming to possibly get back to his mission and seek out the Black Circle in Molentius. Thanks to a generous stipend of money from his new friends, he has the means to continue his travels and hopes to see them again some day.

The group would encounter Moras again when they traveled north to Harubel. They found their old friend as excitable, happy-go-lucky, and broke as ever. Although Moras had traveled north to continue his search for the Black Circle, he couldn’t find it where it was described to be, and got sidetracked by the excitement of Crocomania XXXVII. He shared his spare tickets with his friends and attended with them. Haseya suggested he speak with the vet of the menagerie who was a Black Circle druid, and Moras agreed to see her.

Moras traveled with the group to the Black Circle and helped them destroy the undead they found there. It was also Moras who summoned Archdruid Throg to sort out the mess at the Black Circle. Moras was given money by the archdruid and told to continue his quest, but first to help begin rebuilding the Black Circle, which is where Moras currently is.


Moras Wolftongue

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