Old Vorpal

Harubel's most infamous crocodile legend.


Old Vorpal is a legend in Harubel, having served as the pinnacle of ferocity for 150 years. He was retired on his 153rd birthday to live out the remainder of his life in comfort in the Harubel menagerie. Now 197 years old, Old Vorpal shows no signs of dying off yet.

Although death is a rarity in the Croc-Arena, croc wrestling nearly became a bloodsport during Old Vorpal’s reign as he was responsible for the deaths of three croc wrestlers. In each case, Old Vorpal killed the wrestler by biting off their heads—an act that earned him his namesake. Instead of horrifying the crowds, it delighted them. They began demanding Vorpal and demanding matches to the death. Unhappy with the direction the sport was going, the leaders of Harubel began phasing out Vorpal’s usage until his retirement.

These days, Old Vorpal is the crocodile equivalent of a cruel and lecherous old man. For a druid who could speak to Old Vorpal, they would learn he is slowly declining into senility, and regales himself with reveries and memories of his previous exploits. He yearns to test his mettle in battle one last time, unaware of the toll that age has taken on his massive body.

Old Vorpal

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