Taegon Brighteyes

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep."


Taegon Brighteyes grew up in a secluded forest village on the continent of Utar. His people, who call themselves mystic elves, are something of a mystery to themselves and the world at large. Once in a generation, the most capable of the group is sent out in the world to answer a singular question: Who are the mystic elves?

Taegon has been chosen for this role. He traveled to Novus, where he journeyed through Ordova and Realm. He spent some time in Ethova as well, searching for answers from the Archdruid Throg. Throg wasn’t available but Taegon was granted an audience with the great Gage Truthseeker. His path then led him to Molentius, where he took up arms as a hunter of the Hunter’s Take to gain coin for the road.

After successful completion of the strike on the slavers in the Valley of Chains, Taegon now travels with his companions northward to Harubel. Far removed from his people and the answers he seeks, Taegon feels aimless and without true goal, but perseveres in the hopes for clarity and purpose.

Taegon was convinced to participate in croc wrestling while in Harubel. While he failed at it, he did not fail spectacularly.

Taegon finally met Archdruid Thro’gok in Molentius when the Black Circle was found to have been destroyed. Throg told Taegon that he communed with the planet but all he was told was for Taegon to seek “beyond the storm.” He admitted that even he did not know what that meant, but that was all that was given. Additionally, Throg’s legendary animal companion, Lya, seemed taken with Taegon, even subservient. This surprised Throg greatly, and he suggested that Taegon reflect on this curiosity.

Taegon seems to be the first of the group to have made a connection with newcomer Misae outside of Haseya. He also showed great wisdom in helping Misae find her way in these new lands.

Taegon was furious upon the revelation that Arnold had killed an innocent woman. As a paladin and bringer of goodness and light, Taegon severely reprimanded Arnold and made it clear that such conduct was unacceptable.

Bratana served as a time of awakening for Taegon. While he had held a support position in the group previously, it was in Bratana that Taegon proved his leadership skills, as well as his martial prowess. It was Taegon who nearly singlehandedly defeated the corrupted dragon Qolzythirant, and it was Taegon who led the investigation into the Crypt of the Shining Zultan. A once quiet and mysterious individual, Taegon was now becoming a bastion of light and good in a broken and corrupted nation.

By the conclusion of the events in Bratana, Taegon had solidified his place of leadership amongst the group, along with Haseya. He discovered that Misae had feelings for him, and admitted he had feelings for her in return. Taegon has been struggling with visions of his homeland that call him back, and worries about the horrors he has unleashed on the world by freeing his evil and twisted grandfather.

Taegon Brighteyes

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