“Without music, life would be a mistake.”


Thunder is a hobgoblin saxophone player and member of the Beasts For Peace traveling band. Because the hobgoblin race resemble dogs, Thunder most resembles a Jack Russel terrier, making him look relatively harmless.

Unfortunately for his enemies, Thunder is anything but harmless. Although he espouses a life of peace and wishes to see love and harmony spread throughout the world, Thunder was raised in the typical hobgoblin tradition. This means a strict, militaristic background, and a keen mind for strategy and tactics. This came in very handy when Thunder volunteered his services on the attack on the slavers.

Thunder survived the Valley of Chains and left Dunezar to meet back up with Beasts for Peace. He was seen alive and well and reunited with his troupe when Beasts for Peace bailed Arnold out of jail in Harubel.


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